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  1. I dont think that the price of dogecoin will be the same as reg for the next couple of gears at least. Maybe if trx fail to show any positive development for the next couple of gears, and dogecoin start to show a lot of development, but I doubt that will happend. Dogecoin hasn't developed since it got created.
  2. I dont think that taxation is theft. Because you get something from the taxes. Thats what keep the democrazy running. Also here in Denmark you can go to doctor, hospitals and school, college and university for free. You even get paid for going to college and university. Also you get paid from the government if you dont have a job, so you have money for rent and food. So taxes is a very good thing, Because of all these things. I know that taxes is not used the same way in other countries, and even here in Denmark we have some people stealing money from the taxes, and of course I dont like that, but I like playing my tages, knowing that it helps all the people in my country
  3. In my country we have a Queen, and I really like her. But she doesn't have anything to do with the politic in my country. Thats the prime minester, and so far I like her as well, but, most of her time there has been Corona, so I look forward to see how she will manager to lead our country when not everything is about Corona.
  4. First I make a deposit of 45 xrp. Then og I make it to 100 xrp I withdraw 61 xrp and Play with rest. Og I løse the 45 xrp I deposit 120 xrp. Then if I make that to 200 xrp I withdraw 169 xrp and play with rest. If I lose the 120 xrp I deposit 300 xrp. Then if I make it to 540 i withdraw 480 and play with rest. If I lose the 300 xrp, I usually stop after that, but some times I deposit big like 1800 and try to recover, but the times I did that went very bad so far. Before I deposited in btc, eth and ltc, but after xrp I only deposit xrp, because I really like the speed of the transactions
  5. Hi I was addicted to marihuana for over 18 years. I smoked everyday. About 3 months ago I stopped, but since I stopped I started to gamble a Lot more instead. I would like to gamble much less and for smaller amounts than I do now. Does any of you have any good advises? Good luck everyone Best regards Jacob
  6. I think the same as you dicyprime, that if the price of btc goes up it will follow, and it seems like the price of t is starting to go up and will most likely continue and reach at least $7000 in July latest. The price of peercoin I hope will be over $1 in July latest. So far I got about 170 peercoins How many peercoins do you have?
  7. Thank you. I am both happy and sad about that. Because I posted the payment proof because you will get paid $1 for posting payment proof on a forum. After I posted the payment proof I sent the URL link to the thread for them to verify it. After you merged the two topics the URL also changed, so now I sent them the wrong URL. I hope that I will be able to send the right one when they realize the one I sent is not there.
  8. Hi everyone. I just got paid from this great site. I thought I would share the payment proof, so you guys know that it's a legit site. I have almost earned $2000 from here. You can get paid in form of Amazon gift card, pay out to Skrill and Paypal, but you can also get your earnings paid out to Coinbase as bitcoin. https://rewardingways.com - Clean link https://rewardingways.com/members/withdraw/list.php?ref=kussejacob - Referral link I wish you all the best of luck. Best regards Jacob
  9. Hi everyone. Like I say in the title of this topic I would like to know what is the most you have ever lost in poker in one hand. I remember once a few years ago I went from about $50 to $6000 in one day. I was bluffing most of the times, and just went on to higher limits every time I could. When I was at $6000 I got in to a hand where I actually had full house so I thought that I would win it, one of the few times where I wasn't bluffing. Then I went all in and I ended up losing all to 4 of a kind I will never forget this big loss. I would like to hear your biggest loss. I wish you all the best of luck. Best regards Jacob
  10. How funny, because 10 hours ago I also got told that the prizes would be paid out within 24 hours. So is it 24 hours from now or 24 hours from when I got told 10 hours ago? Because it can't continue to be within 24 hours. It should be within 14 hours now. And also how will the prizes be paid out. Top 20 already got paid many hours ago, and that's great, but why do you keep the rest of us waiting with so little information about how and when we will get our prizes credited? Just a little update. I got an answer from support telling that it will be credited within the next 13 hours. Good luck everyone Best regards Jacob
  11. I think that you are maybe right about that, but I don't think that's why the limit is set at that amount, because then it doesn't make any sense that there is such a big difference between the withdrawal limits with the different currencies. Because 0.002 bch which is the withdrawal limit for bch is under 0.0001 btc and it's easy to use dinabot to exchange btc or other currencies into bch and withdraw at 0.002 bch. So if the limit is set high to avoid faucet abusers, then it should be set high with all the currencies.
  12. I am only comfortable with the bch withdrawal limit, I think that the limit for the other coins are way too high. Especially the 200K limit for btc. A few years ago 200K withdrawal limit for btc was fine, but with prices over $1000 per btc I think that 200K sat is way too much. I am happy that it got halved from 400K though Good luck everyone Best regards Jacob
  13. I have been a member since 2015 and they have been paying out since then. They also do the withdrawals very quick, always within 24 hours. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Best regards Jacob
  14. Oh, I am very sorry about that UltraChief. I will make sure never to post any referral link in the future without a clean link as well. Best regards Jacob
  15. I also voted for Humanityroad. I had a hard time choosing and I think that the idea about splitting the donation is very good, so $600 for the winner and $100 for the 4 rest. I think it's too late to do now, but maybe in the future it could be like that. Very nice to know that some of all the money I have lost in PD will be used on charity
  16. Hi everyone I stumbled over this new ICO lately. This looks like a great ICO. It's a rewarding program for using crypto currencies as payment. You will be able to use crypto currencies in supported shops. It's still a very new ICO, and they need to work on the software, but so far it looks like a great investment option. What do you guys think about it? Best regards Jacob
  17. Hi YoutubeVIP Welcome to Primedice forum. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and on Primedice. If you keep active in here you can earn a decent amount from posting. I wish you the best of luck Best regards Jacob
  18. Hi firenine Welcome to Primedice forum. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and on Primedice. If you keep active in here you can earn a decent amount from posting. I wish you the best of luck Best regards Jacob
  19. Hello Paecga129 Welcome to Primedice forum I hope that you will enjoy your time here at the forum I wish you the best of luck Best regards Jacob
  20. Hi Lulu Welcome to Primedice forum. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and on Primedice. I wish you the best of luck Best regards Jacob
  21. I have been a member of this great site for a few years now. i have been paid over $1800 from there so far. There are many different ways to earn money in there. You can do surveys or complete offers from the offer walls, like paying games or installing apps. You get $0.20 just by registering and you will earn 25% of what your referrals earns. Of course I will be very happy if you use my referral link, and if you use same username as here on PD I might even send you a gift https://rewardingways.com/members/withdraw/list.php?refid=285611 - My referral link - If you like me and want the chance of a free gift https://rewardingways.com - Clean link I wish you all the best of luck earning some money Here's also a picture of payment proof Best regards Jacob
  22. I also think that the !price and !cv command should be in PM I hope that this will be implemented in the future. Thanks for bringing it up. Best regards Jacob
  23. Hi everyone I have been playing poker for over 10 years on and off. Some periods I have played a lot and some not so much. I like poker because it's against other players, and of course because you can win money from it. I remember when I was a child I saw poker in the television and the winners of big tournaments won many millions. I think that's what got me hooked in the first place. Why do you guys like poker or why do you not if you don't? I look forward to get some answers. Best regards Jacob