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  1. Hi There are so many things to earn money from. Investment is one of the ways. There are many things to invest at, stocks, fiat currencies, crypto currencies etc. I personally think that investment in crypto currencies is a good investment. Because in the near future, I think that there will be a big inflation on almost all fiat currencies due to Covid-19. That will make the price of crypto currencies to explode. So I see it possible that the price of btc will be over $100000 in a few years, because the price of the $ will fall a lot, just like all other fiat currencies. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi About 2 months ago I played poker at poker stars. I deposited about $200 And within the same day I was up to $3600. I continued to play and when I was at $2200 one of my friends called me. I told him about my ride. I knew that I would end up losing all if I continued playing, because I have done that so many times. I asked him to log in and change my password, because you cant withdraw the first 48 hours after you deposit. He did that and 48 hours later he withdraw the money to my account. I was so happy. About 1 week later I received the money to my bank account. But then I decided to play again and lost them all plus more in a few days.
  3. If you enjoy your time here, then I cant See how it should be harmfull. It's only if you get or sad because of a bit loss, then I think it can be harmfull. Of course if you send your whole day here it's not good. You should also her some exercise and eat healthy. Congrats for you to become a mother
  4. I prefer to play manual. I have played with auto and dicebot, but I Think it's way funnier to play manual. I har a script Running in the dicebot a few years ago, and I always måde profit with it, but only e-mail profit, and I always used the profit to Play manual, and then list it. I remember some years ago I was at 0.98 btc, and I said that I would stop at 1 btc, but then I ended up busting all.
  5. I have tried this so many times. I deposit and set a goal. When I reach the goal which I often do, then I decide just to have a few "last" bets. Then I end up hitting a red streak and busting all. I really hope that I Will become better in future to stop when I reach my goal.
  6. In most countries you can get proffesional help to stop gambling. If you are very addicted that is some times the only way out. Doing something else that released dopamin is a good way to start. Like doing go out for a walk or run, eat some candy or masturbate a lot Byt be carefull, because you can also her addicted to masturbating. It's cheater and healthier, but you can easily end up spending just as much time on that.
  7. When you hug someone for 30 seconds or more dopamin will be released in your Braun, and that's what makes you Feel good/Better. This will Also work Even if you haven't lost anything, it will most likely work worke even better. There is evidence that hugs make you more relaxed and happy. So hopefully Covid-19 restrictions will soon be over, so we can start to hug again
  8. Hi As I ask in the titel, what do you think about the Idea of Primedice adding other games than dice? Personally I think they should stick to dice, but I have no doubts that they would have a higher profit with other games as Dell. If they decide to and other games, which games would you like it to be? I really like black Jack, and texas holdem, so if they decide to and other games, I hope it will be those.
  9. So far for me the main reason for playing was profit. Nit I became VIP about a week ago, and the bonusses that followed was so great, that now becoming a silver VIP is my mail goal, because with all the bonuses that followed, you need to have lost a Lot to not make a profit. I am at 95% to silver VIP now, so I hope to make it before the next fortnightly bonus.
  10. Yeah, this is very usefull information. I already know, and I my selv aren 't so aftale og trying out new gambling sites. If it's a new site I just deposit small amount, until I Know that I can withdraw my Hennings. I have never tried a gambling site where I could not withdraw my winnings. I have tried a lot of sites where they enedes a lot of KYC documents before withdrawal was possible. Thats what I like aboutOrimedice. No documents is enedes for withdrawals
  11. I used to get high wager amount by betting at 98% and then when a Number under 10 or over 90 I switches to 90% din chance and doubler the amount I was betting, and sent for the opløste. If it sent over 98 or under 2 I switched to 88% doubled the amount for the opløste, and og din doubler again, og din half, and if win back to 98% Because then I renovered. If lose any of the times on 88% then I sent lån in trying to recover or lose it all. I managed to wager quite a lot using this strategy
  12. Hi I am trying to reach silver VIP Before the next fortnightly bonus in 8 days. I am at 94% so I only need 6%. I have about 22 xrp each day. The strategy I have been using lately is rolling at 98% and when it become over 90 or under 10 I switch to 88% and roll for going under or over spending on what it was. I have managed to ret at least 1% each dag using this strategy with 22 xrp. Does any of you Know of a Better way to get higher wager amount. I dont care about løsning the 22 xrp each dag, but I would like to see if I han ret over 1% each day. I look forward to hear some good strategies. I will try them out tomorrow when I deposit 22 xrp again
  13. If you are addicted to gambling I am sure that it has negative affect on your mental health. If you gamble just to have some din and doesn't gamble more than you can afford to lose, then I think that gambling han actually have a positive effect on your mental health. It's very easy to get addicted to gambling, so what starts out as fun, with positive effect on your mental health, han easily end as an addiction with negative effect on your mental health, so be careful.
  14. Maybe this is a stupid question, but is there still a jackpot? Where can you see the jackpot amount If it is still there? I would be so Happy if I hit it. With 113 btc I wouldn't have to work anymore for the rest of my life. Good luck to all of you. I wish that someone hit that jackpot soon, if it is still there.
  15. It would be awesome if texas holdem was added to Stake. I love playing texas holdem, and I Know a Lot of people who also dø. It's hard to find a good online crypto currency casino where you can play texas holdem. Og would definately make Stake a lot more attractive than it already is.
  16. I am sorry for your loss. If I am one of the luck player recieving anything from this, I will og course send it back to you. The chAnce for that I think is also like winning the lottery, but someone wins once in a while, so maybe I will be lucky. I wish you the best of luck. These kind of mistakes you only make once, og at least only twice
  17. This is a great story. But half a bitcoin is still a large deposit to many people. So saying that it was a small deposit is not exactly true. From half a btc to 9 btc is a very big win, so it's a very nice story, but many people wouldn't be able to deposit half a btc. I think that most of ud would stop og er Even Got to half a btc.
  18. I know that you can do this. My goal is to become silver VIP before the next fortnightly bonus. I am at 94% now, so I only need 6% more. In a week, so it is only 1% a Say. I really hope that I can do this. I will have about 22 xrp each day to play with. Good luck to all of you reaching your goals
  19. I used to play like that, and back then I didn't bust as fast as I do now. So maybe I should start to play like that again. Now I mostly play in the train when going to work, but I get distracted a lot. I used to bust all anyway, just not as fast, so I don't know what is best. I had a higher wager amount before, so that must be better
  20. There are many places I would like to go. I have been in most of europe, but I still need to go to Berlin and Amsterdam, so if it should be a cheap and easy travel I would pick those two. If money and time aren 't an issue, I would choose Sydney and Los Angeles
  21. I used to do this many years Ago when I started to play here at Primedice. I have stopped doing that, Because it's just a waste of time. Every bet is random. I thought that after a high number there was skaller chance that a high number would come again, but the chance is just as high as. It feels like there's a higher chance of two high numbers in a row, because after a high number I always bet that it will not be a high number again, but most of the times it does
  22. I also think that it is possible for xrp to get over $1. Maybe not within a year, but most likely within 5 years. Many crypto currencies will explode in price when the inflatation starts to hit the fiat currencies, which it will start to do already this summer due to Corona virus. Invest in crypto currencies now, and you can earn a fortune if you hodl it for a few years
  23. I have tried so many times to first lose a e-mail amount, and then deposit a bit amount, to ret to din the small amount I lost back. Then I end up losing the big amount as well. I never have problem with falling to sleep though. I get angry at my self instead.
  24. I think that the end/stop of sport bets for a long periode has made a lot of people aware of how many money they lose/lost in that. So when it open/starts again I think that there will be a lot fewer people betting than before Corona, Because they are not as addicted anymore. Maybe the people who bet will be higher than they normally do, because they have saved some money, but the total amount bet I Think will be lower than before Corona
  25. I really hope that btc price will raise when halving. I used to beleive that I would Before Corona hit the World. Now I have my doubt that it will, but of course I still hope so. Only very few people know what will happend, and the rest of us just have to wait and See. Only a few days left now