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  1. Bet: 67,361,288,478 placed by KasinoBank on 15/09/2020 Wagered 2.50000000 Multiplier 12.00x Profit 27.50000000 Bet: 67,361,381,136 placed by KasinoBank on 15/09/2020 Wagered 2.50000000 Multiplier 22.00x Profit 52.50000000 Bet: 67,361,490,285 placed by KasinoBank on 15/09/2020 Wagered 2.50000000 Multiplier 30.00x Profit 72.50000000
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  3. Bet: 65,096,977,614 placed by KasinoBank on 03/08/2020 Wagered 23.26909178 Multiplier 1.13x Profit 2.90863647
  4. You are very active in here. And you always create good post, and great replies to the topic in the posts nolep. It's easy to see that you dont only post in here because you her paid for it
  5. Not all altcoins goes down when bitcoin does. Some altcoins go up. There is no easy or cheap way to prevent most altcoins from Going søen when bitcoin does. If you have a platform with a big network of people, you can convince them to buy specific altcoins, and that will prevent the price from tælling, but that is not easy.
  6. Being paid a lot to post on a forum, that will maybe make more active users, but I Think that the content will become words, because then most of the users only post to get paid. I actually like that this forum is not as crowded as Stake forum and many other forums.
  7. I am not betting on any sport. Almost everything else I really like, but sports betting has never got me hooked. Of course I have tried sports betting, but I seems to lose almost everytime. I do that on dice and other gambling as well, so I guess it's also because I dont like to wait to see if I won or not. I want to be able to see right away
  8. As I mention in the title I would like to know if you have ever borrowed money to gamble? I have done that a lot of times, and I regret everytime I did it. When I borrow I think that I will win some, and then pay back, but I always end up losing. It wasn't so hard for me when I only borrowed from companies, but I have started again to borrow from friends, and that's very bad, because I lie for the reason I want to borrow, and I feel so bad when I dont pay them back when I said I would. Most of them know that I am addicted to gambling, but I dont think they know I used the money on gambling. I hope the money I borrowed today and lost, will be the last money I ever lend to gamble with.
  9. I like to play at 88% I dont really know why, because every time I end up busting all. I know that it would be better to play at low payouts, but I dont Know why I keep playing at 88%
  10. I am not a succesfull gambler at all. O have lost many thousands dollars. I wish that I could learnt from my mistakes and not gamble more than I can afford to lose. Many months I have gad to collect bortlede to survive, because I løst all my money in gambling
  11. Hi As I mention in the titel I just managed to løse all the money I had left for the rest og the month. I dont know how I can keep being this stupid. I just Got the last $30 from my friend who is Holding my money, to prevent me from using it all in one day. I lied to him and told him I should use the money to bit food for someone else, and that I would return the money this evening. Now I have to tell him that I lied to him again. I got one last chance with the prize I get from the race, but I dont I will manage to make it.
  12. Hi I just lost about 300 xrp. I first deposited 67 xrp and then when so far at 167 xrp I put 100 xrp in the vault. Then I got to 147 xrp and sent 110 xrp to ret vault. Then I got to about 90 xrp so that was 300 in total with the Ines in the vault. I was so happy because I har over 200 xrp in profit. But then I lost the 90 xrp and decided to take 80 xrp from the vault. I got the 80 xrp to 150 and sent 120 to the vault, so now I had 240 xrp in the vault. I said to my self that if I lost the 30 xrp I would withdraw the 240 xrp. I got the 30 to about 60 and then busted. Instead of withdrawing the 240 xrp I decided to take out 90 to play with and if I lost them I would withdraw the last 150 xrp. I løst the 90 xrp but instead of withdrawing the 150 xrp I played with them and ended up losing it all
  13. When I rest during my run, it seems to go better for me. I think it's because of the adrenaline. The more you okay the more adrenalinen, and with a lot of adrenaline it's easier to make mistakes. So resting once in a whole to ret your adrenalinen søen I Think that is a good idea
  14. I never change my seed. Maybe I should start to dl that, because when I play often I get profit in tge start and then suddenly I staet to lose, like the seed figured out my betting pattern. Maybe it's just luck or the opposite, but I will try to change it more often, and See if that makes any difference
  15. I spend my trænings on gambling. Today I was up to 200 xrp in profit, and I wanted to spend that in Going to the hairdresser and food and cigarettes, but I ended up losing it all. So it will be another month without having a haircut, and food I get from my friends