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  1. If you want to run a bot on the website and bet more you can use powershell. If you don't have any coding knowledge, I can sell it for a fee.
  2. I bought 8.69 BTC with only 0.001 BTC and it took 10 days. I still live with the money I earn.
  3. When I want to log into my account, the error message is as shown in the attachment. I can't send an e-mail because there is no e-mail connected.
  4. I can't imagine a site without API support. 🙂
  5. Yes I guess there will be an update about the API. Need to wait.
  6. You should try a different scenario for each Seed. This may take a long time but I hope the result will be good. Yes I guess there will be an update about the API. Need to wait.
  7. I did not understand. Do you know how to send a tip on Dicebot?
  8. I want to send a tip via Dicebot. I could never do this. I was doing it before. I think I'm having a problem with the API. i was using this before. I added this with the update but I still can't get it to work.
  9. I will try to enlarge my safe with a certain daily rate of 1 month and I will give you information about how it works here from time to time. With 100 dollars, I reached a target of 150 thousand dollars in 17 days. I want to try this again. I wanted to share our experiences with you. 🤑 I'll update here as the vault grows 50%. I use a different system technically, if I reach my goal, I will share it with you.💲
  10. Yes, now I want to tell you about this ridiculous situation. When I spoke to the PD staff, they told me that the RACEBACK award has been given for a long time. Yesterday I became a BRONZE VIP with an account. I had too much ETH accumulated in my account. and I got this refund with RACEBACK enabled. I am sharing the information of the account I received the award from below and everything is normal. You can see how much ETH is in the statistics table below. and I didn't play this yesterday. I have an account that I haven't logged into for a long time. and BRONZE, look at the amount I received for the RACEBACK reward active after membership. everything is normal. No problem. Since I have not received a refund until now, they refunded me as much as the game I played. I am grateful to PD for this. The real problem starts now. Today I became BRONZE VIP again with an old account. and RACEBACK was active as in the example I mentioned. Even though I haven't received any refunds to my account, I can't get a refund for the amount of the game I played. I spoke to the official for help, but he did not understand me. I will share pictures of my account with you. As you see. While my old refunds were on my previous account, they were not made for this account. I share my speeches here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a beggar. I just want it to be fair. I don't want any extra money that isn't mine. I hope they can help with this problem.
  11. I've been following for a long time. This person is very slow in distributing bonuses and dealing with customers. There are 300 users online on the site and they are all pretending to give VIP rewards at the same time. There were even times when I waited for 1 hour. Except for this customer representative, all of the other representatives handle all transactions within a maximum of 10 minutes. I want it to be something like a warning. Because he's pretty annoying.
  12. I am looking for someone who can do the 3 strategies I want for a fee.