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    VrOdaN got a reaction from BettyBits in Betty and his Bits   
    Hey betty, extrordinary pics, im with you! 
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    VrOdaN reacted to BettyBits in Betty and his Bits   
    Im Nathan (BettyBits) 
    Most players know me.. I like to go for the big wins..  .15 btc win just isnt enough for me..
    I would like to earn some extra crypto from the team.. doing some graphics.. splashes .. promos. ads.. banners.. etc. 
    I have talked this over with Eddie.. he said he will forward the inquiry to the powers that be... the last one i have html all sliced up and code ready for email promos.. etc.. please get back to when you can PD team. 

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    VrOdaN reacted to Kanamay in Biggest bet and profit   
    nice win muff. that btc was from vault. all in coz i got long red. and luckily i got it green😅
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    VrOdaN reacted to Muffin20 in Biggest bet and profit   
    wow sis may, you made your btc to 300k sats 😊😱  tbh, i don't bet high too due to lack of confidence, but there was a time where i did pre roll with my 10 doge with 50 payout then i got insufficient balance , then i tried to use my ltc , then got insuff again, so i tried to deposit with 0.22 ltc and made it to 0.4 ltc. 
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    VrOdaN reacted to Kanamay in Biggest bet and profit   
    hello primedicers
    im not that good in gambling. i dont bet that huge as well. one time i was playing with .05 ltc and bust all. hopping to make it to .1. busting it make me frustrated that made me bet actually maxbet the btc i have. 
    how about yours? i know lot of high rollers here. can you share yours guys? do u win in with pre roll?

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    VrOdaN reacted to Ghostnipple in God F*cking dammmit!!   
    I made this 2 months ago it still makes me laugh

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    VrOdaN reacted to Faris in Best music videos of all time?   
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    VrOdaN reacted to Uros in Best music videos of all time?   
    Idk about all time, but I was quite fond of this one when it came out. 😄
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    VrOdaN reacted to Kanamay in Best music videos of all time?   
    i wanna try this😅
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    VrOdaN reacted to Chikou1306 in Best music videos of all time?   
    the best ever !
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    VrOdaN reacted to Mistletoe in Better to play manually or auto?   
    Definitely depends on your strategy. But sometimes, you just wanna feel the button and do manual. Especially to the guys that just got back like me. 
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    VrOdaN reacted to stevenwonder in Better to play manually or auto?   
    Yeah to each their own. It definitely is more convenient to set the settings just the way you want it, hit roll, and see what luck you’ll come up with. Just feels like at that point I’ve kind of set it on autopilot and I’m not very much in control. In the grand scheme of things though, I guess it doesn’t much matter since a win is a win and a loss a loss.
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    VrOdaN reacted to MakeMoneyBtc in Better to play manually or auto?   
    I think this depends on your bankroll and on your strategy. Some people just like to play the game super fast and either they make a quick profit or they bust their balance in a very short time. Other people enjoy playing slowly and for a long period of time, placing every bet manually. I'm also playing manually because I don't see the point of playing on auto, there is no satisfaction in that and you don't get to enjoy the game that much 
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    VrOdaN reacted to nolep in Better to play manually or auto?   
    have you ever played auto like I did,
    so set 100 roll to play automatically then when the bet stops I set it back and the game continues automatically.
    the manual itself is very boring indeed
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    VrOdaN reacted to policewale in Better to play manually or auto?   
    I prefer auto most of the time.  I am too lazy and coward to play manual. I just modify my setup.  
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    VrOdaN reacted to nolep in Better to play manually or auto?   
    Hello guys, I want you to discuss.
    in your opinion playing the manual is better than auto or vice versa and also your reasons.
    I myself choose to play manually because it can better control the game that we do but I also sometimes play auto with a roll so I set 100 roll autu then stop and when it hasn't hit it will continue on with the existing 100 roll rule.
    How about you ?
    give your opinions and reasons.
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    VrOdaN reacted to DarkBlood096 in How is the pandemic affecting your play?   
    I've been forced to be taken out of work completely, in other words - unpaid leave. My partner has had her hours cut in half. Suspecting it to be the same as me soon. The bad part is that I have no benefits that will help out those that are out of work. It means that rent can't be paid. How the hell are my partner and I supposed to cope if they are expecting us to stay inside. It's alright for those with an income that can work at home but for those who work in Hospitality, how do we make a living?
    This virus pandemic has caused nothing but unhappiness for me and my partner. She lives with me too. I can't even deposit because I simply don't have any money whatsoever.
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    VrOdaN reacted to stevenwonder in How is the pandemic affecting your play?   
    I am interested in knowing how much people are playing due to this global outbreak of sickness. I would expect that the amount of play would be down, but then on the other hand, with as many people that are stuck in their homes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this may be a thing to do to pass the time. Of course with the negatives of Bitcoin dropping a lot within the past two weeks, I don’t know if that is decreasing deposits or if because the value is down, some of you are buying it and playing with it on here and on Stake. Personally, I am losing my mind with having to stay home from work, coupled with the fact that I also am bored out of my mind. I’ve been way more active on the forum but I have also deposited quite a bit into Stake and am transferring funds back and forth just to keep myself busy.  I think at this point, I am up about $40 but have increased my VIP % a little bit.
    So how about you guys?
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    VrOdaN reacted to Bojana in Best music videos of all time?   
    I love this video  I know @maverick528 would agree with me 😘 
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    VrOdaN reacted to okissabam in Best music videos of all time?   
    Best part 0:00 - 7:44
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    VrOdaN reacted to bigbrankx in Best music videos of all time?   
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    VrOdaN reacted to EpicGord in Best music videos of all time?   
    Unkle, "Rabbit in Your Headlights" featuring Thom Yorke from Radiohead gives me goosebumps, especially the last scene. Why? Because it speaks of our crazy society, it tells us to stop the madness and defeat the fools.

    The youtube clip was ordinary so here's a link from Vimeo. 

    For something more fun and uplifting I'd go for Jane's Addiction, "Been Caught Stealing", because it's stupid and bloody funny, making me smile and laugh. It would have cost fuckall compared to most video's on the market so has plenty of bang for buck, it's a cheap classic.
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    VrOdaN reacted to Aaqibking666 in Best music videos of all time?   
    You like this I think 
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    VrOdaN reacted to williamsh in Best music videos of all time?   
    Please post your best music videos below
    Mine is: 
    No judging in the comments below, we all have our preferences