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    VrOdaN got a reaction from jamyr in Monthly coupon just got a wonderful twist.   
    I always loose the emails for reload so im active here to learn when is the time to earn. Nice one!
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from nolep in Growing wager!   
    tell me guys, which do you thing is the most safe way to make the wager bigger without loosing? 1.0102 and big bet you think is the solution?
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    VrOdaN reacted to FotisNt in looking for greek gumblers on pd   
    Yay I am.
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    VrOdaN reacted to DarkBlood096 in [#1] Primedice 0.09 LTC Giveaway!   
    Hello everyone!
    It's been a very long time, I used to offer weekly giveaway's to many users in the Stake community, but it's time to make Primedice great again! 
    So today and for the rest of this week, I'm sharing 0.09 Ltc!
    Place a comment here and you will share a portion of a prize (It's that easy!) Minimum post count must be at least 30. Users will share 0.09 LTC. Please ensure your quality of your post is decent, don't just spam for this free money. I know just how difficult these times are for everyone especially trying to find a little bit of free money during this crisis. I want to take this time to say that I appreciate each and everyone that comes to Primedice and Stake.
    I've been helped along the way and this is my way to help you all out!
    It's really that simple, are you ready to make some money today?
    This giveaway starts now in which to end  on Sunday 23:59 GMT +0!
    Current Entries: 
    I want to ensure that the next giveaway brings in some new rules so I can disregard those that are potential alts. This should not affect legitimate users that are active in the community.
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    VrOdaN reacted to nolep in looking for greek gumblers on pd   
    of course there is, if you want to be able to find out friends from the same country as you it's good to contact the support and ask them to make the same room so you can chat with each other.
    that's my advice, thanks.
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from donreyadano in Go or Stop ?   
    im always trying to hit big then let it for some minutes. come back and low the bet, playing with the already profits. thats my plan!
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    VrOdaN reacted to stevenwonder in How much has the vault saved you   
    I think one of the greatest features that both Primedice and stake have implemented is the ability to put away your balance in the vault. Before it was added as a feature, there were many times that I would be reckless with my balance and turn a profit into a loss before I could blink my eyes. I think this tool is a great way to settle down as your gambling and regain some mental balance if you find yourself on a very large winning streak. As a rule of thumb, whenever I am able to double my deposit, I immediately put into the vault the amount I deposited, and only play with my winnings for the rest of the session. If I happen to lose, I take it back out of the vault after I have taken a quick breather so I don’t make irrational “get it all back now” bets. 
    How many of you all use the vault in this way or do you use it to store bonuses, tips, rains, etc? I would like to know how each of you use it and if you do, have you noticed any changes in how much or how quickly you lose funds. For me, I’ve been able to play way beyond what I would have without it, and find I don’t lose nearly as much money as I did before they had it 
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    VrOdaN reacted to donreyadano in Revenge or surrender   
    Revenge is not nice but here in gambling revenge is fun ✌️😂 it's nice to you having fun than makes you mad because you will be not in a good mood and if that happened you were gambling not thinking it will bust you more, sometimes it ok to surrender but surrender just to make a rest, and come back to make some revenge I'm always doing that try it too revenge on a fun way and you were seeing your self laughing to the roll not because you win now 😂 but still that that your loss is big just withdraw it in this situation is a good idea. By the way good luck to you and God bless.
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    VrOdaN reacted to stevenwonder in The most frustrating thing about dice   
    As a long time player at Primedice, I never really went out of my comfort zone when it came to gambling on dice. I always left it at 2x and just rolled til I was able to build my bankroll or I lost it all. I never believed in any system like the martingale, I just rolled and increased my bet every so often to either make up for the losses or if I felt I was on a streak and I was rolling hot and wanted to make more profit than I was already making. 
    Well fast forward a few years and now I’ve expanded my horizons to include larger payouts, up to 25x. I don’t go much higher because it seems like it’s more or less getting your money back after you roll 500 times and I choose to manually roll. But now I get frustrated because this has to be the most annoying part of picking a high multiplier: picking the wrong side. It seems that every time I pick a side, had I picked the other, I would be making a lot of bitcoin. If I pick low, 98,97,98 etc are always appearing. If I pick high? You guessed it..1,2,3 etc. It’s pretty frustrating picking the range of numbers you think it is going to be in, just for it to be in that range but on the other side..anybody else find this more frustrating than just losing in general?
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    VrOdaN reacted to MrNice23 in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    It's very hard but not impossible, if you are very lucky maybe you could reach that amount, however you can't make that like every month.
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    VrOdaN reacted to filinta06 in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    We can't win anything without deposit. You said i win 200 usd but u cant win every month that money. You are just lucky last month, i think  
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    VrOdaN reacted to weworewhat in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    Are you sure about that, how would you make $ 200 without a deposit? Can you share the process you completed this challenge? I hope that I will receive from you.
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    VrOdaN reacted to jomaka in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    So this is a worthy goal but not so easy to achieve. Personally I have to deposit a small amount sometimes to continue playing. But hold for a month, only with bonuses, it's not going to be easy
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    VrOdaN reacted to UltraChief in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    It is wrong to assume that you can make a fixed amount of money every month by gambling because it depends on your luck is not in anyway a stable earning for anybody. If you are playing then you always have a chance of losing that money.
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    VrOdaN reacted to @zulfandina in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    I don't think that's possible ... except for faucets on certain sites that give a large amount of coins in one faucet and can continue to be claimed without having to be used in betting ...

    while until now I have not found a cryptocurrency gambling site that provides faucets in large numbers every claim ... 😴😴
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    VrOdaN reacted to Doge10MN in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    Hi Guys,
    What could u expect if u do not make deposit in month and do gambling with faucet, race and bonuses from different website.  (only gambling website)

    As per me i could manage to make around at-least 200$ without deposit in one month.
    one big thing we could not make any loss during that period as we not gonna make any deposit.
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    VrOdaN reacted to donreyadano in King of the ring   
    wow thats really nice, i wish i can do that too but if i dont have guts to do that and balance to do that, even i have or i can deposit i think i cant  thats a huge amount for me, i should rather withdraw it   but if thats really work with me why not, im going to risk some someday if i have extra money to experience that hit  good luck, more win to ome, godbless O:)
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    VrOdaN reacted to BettyBits in King of the ring   
    ill teach you for btc   screenshare
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    VrOdaN reacted to BettyBits in Betty and his Bits   
    No im not that other user Nathan.... 
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    VrOdaN reacted to Chinesegandalf in Betty and his Bits   
    Hello there Betty, are N8sNathan too?  Ypur name sound familiar and your betting Style are similar with n8snathan. If that you, then you one of the king plinko hitting those big win. By the way nice graphics designs over there,  hopefully the team will accept one of you work. Last but not least welcome to Primedice community /family. 
    hope you enjoy your stay here. 
    Keep hitting those big payouts! More boom baby! 
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    VrOdaN reacted to gsvyat in Monthly coupon just got a wonderful twist.   
    1.5$...not bad)
  22. Confused
    VrOdaN reacted to jamyr in Monthly coupon just got a wonderful twist.   
    Nothing wonderful? 
    That's too hard man, unless of course it would make you do more things than usual. XD
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    VrOdaN reacted to complainer in Monthly coupon just got a wonderful twist.   
    there is nothing wonderful about the twist. most coins will go unclaimed. it should be sent all at once.  you guys should stop creating senseless post because of some forum coins 😡
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    VrOdaN reacted to jamyr in Monthly coupon just got a wonderful twist.   
    Been used to claiming monthly bonus via email and today, I noticed that there was an addition to the features on VIP,

    And then it was confirmed by somebody from support that this month it'll be a taste of higher VIPs perks instead of that old email bonus.

    For me it was very very nice, especially you can choose what currency you would like.

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    VrOdaN reacted to BettyBits in King of the ring   
    im muted on the chat for a lame reason.. but i will be around