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    VrOdaN got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Health Gambling   
    Scientists says that if you gamble the 1/10 of the money you earn, this is a healthy gambling, which means you wont get problems from this.
    How many hours do you spend on gambling although? on a weekly standard. 
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from nolep in Latest hidden features   
    agree, and have all coins price not only btc.
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    VrOdaN reacted to BettyBits in Betty's Graphics of PD   
    you can check any off those Hits everyone valid $100 + 
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from nolep in Play while using animations or not?   
    no im playing without animation what is this exactly?
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    VrOdaN reacted to Noeprellik1 in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    Clash of clans and clash royale here
    Im a supercell customer
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    VrOdaN reacted to kieltrix in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    Use to grind the rift, but havent done so in months.
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    VrOdaN reacted to kieltrix in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    Bahaha. Agreed. Gay Pink Taric best skin ever
    I have that skin whenever i played support Taric. Lol
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    VrOdaN reacted to Carollzinha in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    My favorites are Janna and Morgana, love these girls.. and "Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless"  
    About skins, I really love Victorious Janna, I even sent an email to RIOT when I was still playing EUW server, offering them to remove all the almost 100 skins I had (way before the loot system with free skins lol) and give me only the Victorious Janna but they refused.. after I moved to BR server, last year, I messaged RIOT Brazil and offered them all the around 300 skins I have atm, only asked to keep Victorious Morgana and Hextech Kog'Maw for that skin but they refused as well.. but I went further and offered them around 2k USD like a desperate request but guess what? they again said NO  (at least with the new ranking system the next year we should be able to buy these old rare and exclusive skins again lol)
    Another skin I love so much is Pulsefire Ezreal.. I don't like its design or anything about it but the simple fact that he sings, in the PT translation, a part of one of my favorite songs ever, from a Brazilian band.. and that song is the only thing that actually makes me love that damn ugly skin  

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    VrOdaN reacted to Bojana in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    WOW, I didn't know you love this so much  I played just a bit, fiance was trying to teach me, because men need their support/healer, no, hahaha?   But I got really into the lore and still follow the updates for the new interesting features   

    Victorious Janna is definitely better clad than the original skin (all skin, pun intended!) 🙈 Hahahaha, you offered a fair bargain, but they want you to buy it, clearly  RIOT is all about it, as far as I have gathered. 

    This one blew my mind when it was published, since Diana didn't have many skins in the beginning, and I am in love with her crescent blade, I need you to buy me this for my next bday, tnx!

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    VrOdaN reacted to muffinz1 in Who's playing League of Legends?   
    yes , vayne ( adc ) EUW ( silver 1 )
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    ofcourse and it is the biggest trap you can get into!
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Knowing when to take a break from gambling!   
    have standar hours for gambling. dont look for a break. 1 hour per day for example.
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    VrOdaN reacted to nolep in How is the pandemic affecting your play?   
    gambling is indeed not so affected, because this is a place where everyone who doesn't have a job and money will come. I read the news, many companies have fired employees because of the influence of the virus that did not end soon. chances are they will gamble in hopes of increasing the amount of money left.
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    VrOdaN reacted to LadyOfAtlantis in It appears that you are located in NL and due to Gambling Regulations   
    Yup, got the same problem. This sucks, almost worked my way up to Platinum 3.
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    VrOdaN reacted to Kyrraz in It appears that you are located in NL and due to Gambling Regulations   
    Im from the Netherlands and am currently getting this message from the site:
    It appears that you are located in NL and due to Gambling Regulations the domain primedice.com does not accept gambling from your country.
    When i checked the forum i saw a note about Russia but NL is now blocked too?
    How do i contact support to get my balance to a wallet?
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    VrOdaN reacted to donreyadano in Does activities increase forum activity?   
    Yeah and thanks to you, i think because of that many users now is interested here in forum. For me base on activity here in forum many new users are here joining, posting and commenting. Last week i am the forum hero i think someone get it to me, or just not be that active anymore because im so busy those days. Just trust yourself  im doing my best too just to make this forum active again, sooner or later our hard work will make that happen .. Good luck to all of us, take care and Godbless us all.
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    VrOdaN reacted to Chikou1306 in Does activities increase forum activity?   
    everyone likes giveaways, so i guess it increases the forum activity though ! you can see how many players already replied to your giveaways , of course you may find few alts, but it still increases the forum activity !  
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    VrOdaN reacted to Kate in First government to accept bitcoin ?   
    Government you know them and most of the governemnts like the big and well known countries governments are not accepting bitcoin or crypto and just want to ban them and they try their best to ban crypto in every sort of way. So i was thinking is there a government that in the future would force or make all their shops in their country accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

    Do you feel that any government would accept bitcoin or crypto soon ? Tell me which one would do so ?

    For me i believe that UAE would do so or well know as Dubai they might bring in and accept crypto soon enough.
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    VrOdaN got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Why we cant check our daily/weekly wagered in the site?   
    i support this idea 100% and i hope they will add it soon mate
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    VrOdaN reacted to DreamStage in Losing my hair   
    How's the stat on that? Did you got diagnostic already?
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    VrOdaN reacted to NyaoNyao in Losing my hair   
    Yeah and it's a chore and then you need to use a hair cap or the treatment won't be effective! <_____<
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    VrOdaN reacted to rembo2 in Losing my hair   
    say stem cells help.
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    VrOdaN reacted to nhoyasim101 in Losing my hair   
    best answer is to consult your doctor, maybe its come from the chemical that used in your hair and only doctors has a best knowledge in that matter   
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    VrOdaN reacted to NyaoNyao in Losing my hair   
    Yeah my bad. To the thread starter,  Have you tried anything yet? 
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    VrOdaN reacted to wassouf in Losing my hair   
    I hope to find a solution to hair loss, I also lose my hair, but for me this is hereditary baldness, and he has no solution or medication, but there are other reasons for hair loss such as skin diseases, tension and anemia, so you must know the reason for your hair loss in order to find a treatment  .