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  1. i Had months to log in... Is there any big changes or news i should know???
  2. Hey guys, im back after a long time and the first thing i can see is the option for $/Euro etc.. This is something i wrote about and i want and need this sooo much.. Very useful! So, well done PD!
  3. i cannot understand guys, which is the categories that pays satoshis to post etc? can i see somewhere which categories is that?
  4. no im playing without animation what is this exactly?
  5. ME mate, add me , and you guys if you want, : puredopamine
  6. bitc is the top of cryptocurrency. ripple is down. far away. you cannot compare them
  7. ohh that is very serius , i think support should take care of this and let us know if using this site and coins is illegal!!!!
  8. ofcourse and it is the biggest trap you can get into!
  9. my opionion is to have the wager for break, dont look for a break from wagering....
  10. VrOdaN


    welcome riad , to the most amazing community.good luck and have fun
  11. not a chance, i think your wager have the biggest role, i have spend days and weekends on chat and i took back 3-4 times tips i think from the rainbot...
  12. one more topic with this question and still not a section for that, unfortunatly
  13. i dont know the number of maximum posts and i cannot understand which is the categories that pays satoshis