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  1. I think i heard from other user about this gossip that the dice is reading our strategy and for infact it was really proven by a player in youtube, i cant really just state here the link or the channel cause it might cause trouble for the user, but anyways he just let the dice bet for a whole day and never change the seed, after that lives stats is also monitored, after that day he just did what he did last day and change seed , the live stats that dau and the other are just the same means that dice is saving your stats and reading it. Anyways its just a theory though or just a coincidence, btw my hight no. Of bets in 1 seed is i think just 51k
  2. Yeah great topic, it'll be useful for other players who wants to track their wagered daily or so, im with you with this suggestion, thanks for sharing and hope it'll become helpful to everyone
  3. Wow is that all your works betty? Its kinda nice, what are you using to put those designs and others? Anyways that very good. Btw i dont really understand the groups you are talking about, im really curious cause ill know was just the primedice gambling site and this furom , is there other site or something that the group you are talking could be found?
  4. We can't just believe you right away, anyways you should've put a link or anything that would prove your arguements, either way hope this problem will be solve ASAP for the wellness of everyone
  5. Act.1 i love to play bitcoin, aside from its the biggest coin in pd, i love its color and it makes me happy seing my balance with high satoshi btc, and i think btc was my biggest wagered at pd, nothing deep reason just love btc. Act.2 i'd like to see at primedice the "pi" i saw it somewhere at another mining site so i think just a couple of hours i mined a total of 4 pi already, they said that it doesnt have any value yet, so if does have , id like to see it at primedice and play lots of it
  6. It's so sad that im earning so small right now than usual, yeah btc keeps on getting smaller value, but then its not a thing to start going out from pd or stake, it's likely my daily past time now cause home alone as always lol. Hope everyone will be okay , keep safe and stay at your home
  7. For me, who's not really good at high math mental calculations, i prefer autobetting, even if im just gotta bet manually i go to autobet and just put 1-2 or 3 no. of bets , cause there, you can put increase on win or lose so theres no problem to gain back my loss if i win. So that's what i think better.
  8. Owh damn, i think im gonna hate myself forever for not putting a bet amount, its just like once in a blue moon, damn . I keep on losing right now you know, my balance got all zero and i think i gotta rest for now, i didn't even encounter that payout (x) since last 2 months that im betting , i think the biggest was just 99.9
  9. Well that's very good for you. Yeah lot of things have change since I've start gambling here at primedice, my mindset has change, before i've been into games and spending my earning at my mmorpg and MOBA games , but now im strating so save more and primedice is really slow consumption of data/internet , so the most important thing i develop is that I'm into earning now instead of just spending my money.
  10. Im not a fan of sports and never ever do a sportbetting, but the fact that covid-19 has really affected our countries economy , it actually hit us so much that the capital gets lockdown, and its kinda bit sad that so many things gets boring, cant get out of house, just a week but i feel like my whole life was at my house spending my day with boring stuff, no school and the most saddest part is that almost no internet
  11. Me as just a commoner here at primedice, not also good at it, but longing to be a vip for me was kinda like it was good at your name design , like oh i got a title, though it would cost you much lost but just ignore reaching vip, focus on getting bigger payouts and profits, you'll get their along with losing nor winning.
  12. For my own opinion i guess its more than 20 bitcoin per day, imagine there are more than 1000 users online per day and i guess more than have are losing than winning, and as far as i know lot of rich gamblers are always just betting , either losing or winning and many are complaining for busting so much so i guess primedice never been profiting less than 20 btc per day.
  13. Yes it was nice idea of locking it with a certain period of time, so for ut was good for likes of you who often tempted of gambling that much. But on me it doesn't apply, if im losing too much then i just gotta need a break, go on a game or other things to do, cause it makes me depressed eberytime im losojg instead of winning and just my nature, i just stop immediately and then couple of hours then, ill go gamble again.
  14. Its not a single bet though, its an autobet so there a lot of chances on winning, and yeah i would use it for gambling alone, if im that reach then why not have it at primedice and if would win lot bigger payout then gotta use for something good.