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  1. Gambling here in our country isnt really prohibited cause its online, but gambling in person isnt really allowed , you can be put to prison right away if you caught doing this thing. But many people here in PH doesnt know that there are sites who offers gambling and its an international one it should be prohibited, but the thing is they dont really support thing gamblings, thats why we are hardly trying to find other online wallet where we can put our earnings here.
  2. I think i heard from other user about this gossip that the dice is reading our strategy and for infact it was really proven by a player in youtube, i cant really just state here the link or the channel cause it might cause trouble for the user, but anyways he just let the dice bet for a whole day and never change the seed, after that lives stats is also monitored, after that day he just did what he did last day and change seed , the live stats that dau and the other are just the same means that dice is saving your stats and reading it. Anyways its just a theory though or just a coincidence, btw my hight no. Of bets in 1 seed is i think just 51k
  3. Yeah great topic, it'll be useful for other players who wants to track their wagered daily or so, im with you with this suggestion, thanks for sharing and hope it'll become helpful to everyone
  4. Wow is that all your works betty? Its kinda nice, what are you using to put those designs and others? Anyways that very good. Btw i dont really understand the groups you are talking about, im really curious cause ill know was just the primedice gambling site and this furom , is there other site or something that the group you are talking could be found?
  5. We can't just believe you right away, anyways you should've put a link or anything that would prove your arguements, either way hope this problem will be solve ASAP for the wellness of everyone
  6. Act.1 i love to play bitcoin, aside from its the biggest coin in pd, i love its color and it makes me happy seing my balance with high satoshi btc, and i think btc was my biggest wagered at pd, nothing deep reason just love btc. Act.2 i'd like to see at primedice the "pi" i saw it somewhere at another mining site so i think just a couple of hours i mined a total of 4 pi already, they said that it doesnt have any value yet, so if does have , id like to see it at primedice and play lots of it