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  1. why would it be obvious? cuz it cant be displayed? if u start with 100 satoshis and increase two times by 1% u got 0,0000010201, which also wont be displayed but it works.. besides that - i tried playing with 0.0000001 and 1% increase on fortunejack and it works there maybe the rounding systems are different like i said to sourc3code: even if u start with 100 satoshis.. if u increase that 2 times by 1% u have 0,0000010201 u probably didnt try my settings. at least for me this didnt happen
  2. in my opinion this should be fixed, imagine some1 lets it run for a while thinking it actually increases. it doesnt give any error like "too small amount" or something
  3. Hello, i tried playing with 0,00000010 as starting bet. on loss increase by 1% but it does not increase my first bet, it stays at 0,0000001 all the time (i tested it on automatic with over 1000 bets) is this a bug when the amount or the percentage is too low?