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  1. Kababalik ko nga rin ngayon. Sana dumami ang bumalik sa dice game na ito. Pati sa forum na ito
  2. This will be possible.. The price increasing dramatically and no one can stop it now.
  3. Ahh . Alright. Thanks anyway. It' not a big deal i guess because for me it was a mistake on giving me a warning by one of the admin here.
  4. @hui and @Zoltan .. Can you tell me why am i blacklisted with this give away?
  5. It's really hard to hit 77.77 twice in a row. But miracles can happen and it was tested by the developers so it can happen.
  6. I still imagining this one until today. If i was the one doing it it could make my blood pressure rise because of happiness.
  7. How much is your preffered bankroll or this @MACKY0608?
  8. It was a big win my friend. Congratulation on that.
  9. I introduce on bitcoin last 2 years where bitcoin is not that high in price. If only i did save my bitcoins last 2 years i can be a whale in trading too right now.
  10. Its kind of hard to get that high payouts withouth a big bankroll.
  11. Good reminders bro.. Thank you
  12. i busted mine with this strategy. Didn't work on me
  13. This is what I used everyday man..
  14. That is a lucky seed Carol. Imagine you hit 99.99 and 0 many times.