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  1. Need a big deposit right. Might is yes but if you have a good strategy you can win more. And the question is what is the best strategy for win. My answer i dont know🤣.because all players have own syrategies to win. I only depend on luck for now.
  2. No revenge but recovery your lost and how the way.. i think if you have a strategy you can do it.. when i use martiangle i loss all my balane but i try to modify this strategy i use minimum bet for several rolland when the small number out more than 3 times then i creasing multiple bet and do martiangle to catch big number even only once win it will recovery all the loss before.
  3. Yes as human being we can not eliminated our emotion But we can control our emotion during play if not we will loss control and dont accept the loss and want to recovery as soon as possible and the way is with a big bet or max bet and it can be loss our balance.. i think it is very important for to able to control our emotion.
  4. I dont never dream and thinking gabling as my main source income. I only think gambling such as another game we just play if getting profit then we can withdraw it. Only that.
  5. I have account with the both but i dont play because i dont have any balance to playing the dice. But the first sign up in primedice and then in stake. I think primedice is more fair.
  6. I frusyrated when the ride dice always out and I got red dice more 10 times and it makes me loss cause i used martiangle strategy. That is very annoying for me.
  7. Kalau saya masih belum bisa menghasilkan apa-apa karena saya masih baru di dalam dunia perjudian inj masih menjadi baby playes for small fish. Jadi belum bisa dapet big profit layaknya big players.
  8. I never tried to participated because i only have small balance cause i think it does not work. Only plauers with a big balance can be win because they can increasing wager to big more. For now i only collecting satoshi's when i have an enough balance i will start to play thr dice and maybe i will be paticipate on the challenge.
  9. Actually playing with manual it will be more better i think because we play with system has been set. So when we play manually we can count how many red out and then we can increase our bet at that time.. example 5 time red has out it is mean the next green have a big chance to going out
  10. Am just start for now i dont have to think to quite. I try to collect satoshi's until i have a big balance to start the roll.. if we play with small balance it is not work.
  11. Actually I am not a gambler this is the first time years i will do a gambling that's why i am here to knowing more about gamble crypto.
  12. As gambler we need a luck.. because i think most of gamblers like us is rely on luck even we have strategy to play we still need a luck. As a human being luck is always thete and we have a faith by that.
  13. If i get a big balance i think it will makes me scare to made a big bet to get a big profit. Yes if i win but if i losd it will be a big loss and hard to going back again and actually its really full of emotion. I will avoiding roll like this.
  14. It is hard to control your emotion during play the game when you have under pressure for some problem. So i think you need to stop for a while and take a rest to fresh your mind. If you still do that to play the dice when you loss it will easy to trigger your emotion because ypu dont accept your loss and you will take a big risk to recovery your loss