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    Winwin12 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Knowing when to take a break from gambling!   
    Give youre self a time to break wether you are lossing or you are winning,set a time that you are taking a break and make it a hubby to make a time break look it really works for every one of you
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in VIP Perks worth of big loss?   
    I think you are smart and Wise gambler becouse playing five years in a gambling sites it will results to lossing hundreads of thousand dollars 
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in The forum was quiet again after the loss of payment per event post   
    I am new in this forum and ofcourse hoping that i will get paid by post hopefully it will happen to me.after the sad incident in crypto talk that actually banned the ph for payment lots of members there are looking on a great forum like this to perform