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  1. I am playing sometimes dice game but only in manual and not in automatic.ijust like to control my bet yhats why i must prefer manual than automatic
  2. I don't really think that there is a specific technique all i know is gambling is only luck.if youre lucky you will win.but if you are not lucky you will lose. That's only my own opinion
  3. Give youre self a time to break wether you are lossing or you are winning,set a time that you are taking a break and make it a hubby to make a time break look it really works for every one of you
  4. Gambling is a matter of winning and lossing and.sometimes it is a matter of lossing..in gambling mostly all players are experiencing contineouslly lossing than winning.no matter what happened or how luck will on youre side in the end you will just fond youreself lossing..just play smart and bet what you afford to lose
  5. Im only on a few member here that ere not really hoping to be on a vip.i want only to earn for free and im not into gambling.and i think.lots of members here are really have a descent amount of money.not like me😁
  6. If you are betting money ofcourse you are a gambler.every people who is betting is simply a gambler weather he or she was bet small amount or big amount of money still betting is gambling
  7. When you feel unlucky dont play and if you continue lossing don't play also,gambling can couse serious family problem,gamblers is for those people who gambling see as an hobby only and play only for a little amount of money.
  8. Im only here to get free satoshi and other reload monthly,sometimes i play but mostly im not.i encountered a gambler addict that is used to be my very own friend he was lose his own property,assets and his own family sad to say he was been a begar now.but he was still playing.
  9. Learn to accept you're defeat and make a way to revenge take a break after while play again and take a revenged,in gambling sometimes you will win and mostly you will be lose.
  10. Just what others say it is only luck,you will 1btc/if you are really lucky.
  11. I think you are smart and Wise gambler becouse playing five years in a gambling sites it will results to lossing hundreads of thousand dollars
  12. I still could nit believe that the price of bitcoin is really that price.if its true more people that has really lots if bitcoin will gi to that country and use vpn to sell thier bitcoin.it willbe a win win situation.
  13. Well i think they just confiscated it becouse they really like to have thier own crypto currency.as we noticed they are now making to promote thier own crypto.in this currently year crypto is slowly using all country to be able to can afford to go along with the crypto world.
  14. I am new in this forum and ofcourse hoping that i will get paid by post hopefully it will happen to me.after the sad incident in crypto talk that actually banned the ph for payment lots of members there are looking on a great forum like this to perform
  15. Maybe a lot lot of bitcoin or a lot of crypto currency.primedice will not stay this longer if they not really getting profit but i don't think 20btc maybe 5-10btc per day.even there is a people wins more than 1-2btc aday still there is a lot who is contineously lossing.
  16. Casino is like a hobby it is good when you play for stress reliever.but most of gambler are going into addicted. Casino or casino website BY playing and dreaming of getting big profit.and sometimes they forget the reality that if they are gaining profit also there is lossing money
  17. Im not like you when im playing but i will advice you.if you dont mind.first set youre winning and lossing goals don't be greedy and also make a self control.it was too risky if you where play with no controls in youre emotions.
  18. In my old mobile phone,i have also an old account in prime dice and i was able to play dice becouse of one of my friend gave me little satoshi to play with and aiming also to have gain big profit.at first i am winning and able to withdraw but i got greedy and in the end i just busted.
  19. Maybe you just need to relax and also you need to make a break while playing.learn to have a self control yo avoid making wrong decision.yes gambling is all about luck and ofcourse a litle strategy.by the way goodluck to youre next game buddy hope you will have self control next time
  20. I really believe that gambling can make us poor.why?becouse k really witness that with my friend,when the time he use to have a car,a town house,and a farm full of mango tree.then suddenly he took play in a casino to play and suddenly he was winning on his first try and the he again try and that time he was lose.and the history happend he was lossing all his assets even his own house.and the worst his own family..he became a gambling addict.
  21. I just only riding with my bikes while listening to music but when o was playing gambling i just took little minute to have a break its not good playing when you really frustrated it will just result to losing youre earned money .
  22. Oh my god this was pure luck.i hope it will happen also with me soon😅.one of the best play ive ever seen so far.congrats buddy and may you have more winnings like that.
  23. Strategy sometimes it works and mostly its not.all i know is the lucky,if you where lucky what ever you bet you willbe winning no matter what.
  24. I think you where feel greedy when the time you are winning and resulting to become busted.k think you need to make a self control and also just bet only what you afford to lose..by the way goodluck buddy on youre next game.
  25. My highest winning in my old account(lost access becouse,i lost my phone) is 5,000 xrp and in only 25xrp as my capital.it is my biggest and my highest so far in any gambling site.as i said i am not really a gambler,i just try to experience.