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  1. Let's say it's around 30k green! Well, I'd defo cash that sum out, go to San Diego and chill there for a few weeks, then I'd go to Las Vegas for a week or so, then to Sydney Australia, then Melbourne! Wouldn't play with half of that amount, maybe I would have left 1k green to play with!
  2. GeorgeFeb

    Hey yo

    Hello, man and welcome, I myself new here, have a good time here and win some cryptos! Good Luck!
  3. I dunno what they would do, but I like this 5 days reload that is offered to none VIPs atm and it really incentivize you to get a VIP whether here or on Stake! So you might say that this model might work, at least for some!
  4. Ha, I wish you to win 100 BTC man! Good for him though, some were very lucky or should we say opportunistic and got BTC when it was cheap! Money isn't for shopping, it's for freedom, it makes you free, jeez, shopping, shopping, lol!
  5. Congrats, now 99x the amount, ha! Had several great wins with TRX, had some leftovers, just 63 TRX, made 1k TRX here on Primedice, had 99x, 75x several times, 65x and so on, was quite lucky! Ah, now I get it why people hide their bets and wagering, wouldn't even thought of asking someone to give me some of their win, ridiculous, same on Twitter giveaways, givers are being bombarded with DMs! 😀
  6. Well, it's a pretty amount, not everyone can afford to lose it, take it easy man! Vault is great, but your brain has to be your Vault and not the other way around, don't try to mitigate your addiction with Vault and whatnot, just have a break, be your own master!
  7. Why would anyone like to buy some forum feature in the first place? Seems like a strange idea, the forum as a product is already fully functional, let alone it doesn't seem to have that much traffic, so this idea seems out of place or maybe I don't get it? Have to look into it on Stake's forum!
  8. Definitely don't try to win back, just try to win! When you start to try to win back that's where you'd almost always end up losing! I buy some crypto, bust it and then have a week's break, works well so far!
  9. That's a good amount to try to hit something real big with it, what is it now, about 300$, well, try to make it 3k$, just need to 10x it and you're golden, plus you're hungry now! 😀 Good luck hunting, win big!
  10. Don't forget that most people play with little amounts, you don't have to be smart, just poor, lol! Sure, 2k green within 5 years is nothing!
  11. Nah, there's BitcoinTalk, CryptoTalk never had a chance! 😀 Yes, forum is great, but it's really hard to talk about just one game, even though this is one of the most popular games obviously here and on Stake!
  12. Based on what? Do you know how many users are playing per week and how much they deposit? That's the main integral here!
  13. More interesting is how many people are there, say registered people and those who play on a daily or at least weekly basis! Then you can extrapolate from that, put say 50-100$ per person per week loss and multiple on active users! Say 5000k active users x 75$ on average gives you at least 375k per week!
  14. Hello! I wonder why not all the coins I've wagered are shown in my forum profile, XRP and TRX! Thanks!
  15. That's really cool, although I don't have a VIP, I got an email with 5 days reload treat and I'm liking it a lot!