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  1. Hawaiianz

    400k loan

    I've been here for a long time I can't afford to get banned. You will be paid back 100%
  2. Hawaiianz

    400k loan

    still looking
  3. Hawaiianz

    [Lending] UltraBank - Loans at low interest rate

    looking for 200k loan payback on december 24th 10% per day. thanks
  4. Hawaiianz

    Best Altcoin to Invest In

    I'm not abusing the pay-per-post system I just can't be bothered to look at other threads sorry if looked like I'm abusing it.
  5. Hawaiianz

    Best Altcoin to Invest In

    What is the best altcoin to invest in right now? please tell me
  6. Hawaiianz

    400k loan

    Hey, Today I'm looking for a 400k loan no collateral will payback 800k on december 24th thanks.
  7. Hawaiianz

    Has crypto made you rich?

    You hear all the time about these teens cashing millions , For others it is not the case. What is your experience with cryptocurrencies?
  8. I believe Bitcoin has a future in long term. It proved itself in the past years and it is getting widely popular. It just has a transaction fee problem atm. What about the altcoins? Who does use them for real? Will people use them in the future for real purpose? I only have a hope for ethereum and litecoin, but not for the rest. I am not even sure for eth and ltc. If bitcoin solves the reansaction fee and time problem, I doubt eth and ltc even have a future.
  9. Most people here planning to retire early in case they earn good money from cryptocurrency. I am not sure this is realistic but anyway. Let's think you retired at the age of 40. What would you do in your whole time? Job is a social place at the end. People will ask you how do you earn for living? Friends of your kid will ask what his fathers job? What is your plan?
  10. Hawaiianz

    Loan 0.002

    I am in need of a 200k loan I will pay back in 8 days 10% interest per day
  11. Even the blind can see that crypto Currency is making people millionaires all over the world just because they present the holders of such currency with the financial freedom and opportunity to accrue large amounts of wealth base on currency investment . But my question is that, is it late to buy bitcoin? Should i wait maybe bitcoin price will decline after 1st August meeting? Please i will welcome your advice so that I can make my decision on crypto currency investment.
  12. Hawaiianz

    5th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool

    Username: Hawaiianz
  13. Hawaiianz

    GodBlessU come back ^^!

    Welcome back dude!
  14. Hawaiianz

    [0.1 BTC] 5 Topics, 50 posts

    Username: Hawaiianz