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  1. You hear all the time about these teens cashing millions , For others it is not the case. What is your experience with cryptocurrencies?
  2. Most people here planning to retire early in case they earn good money from cryptocurrency. I am not sure this is realistic but anyway. Let's think you retired at the age of 40. What would you do in your whole time? Job is a social place at the end. People will ask you how do you earn for living? Friends of your kid will ask what his fathers job? What is your plan?
  3. Even the blind can see that crypto Currency is making people millionaires all over the world just because they present the holders of such currency with the financial freedom and opportunity to accrue large amounts of wealth base on currency investment . But my question is that, is it late to buy bitcoin? Should i wait maybe bitcoin price will decline after 1st August meeting? Please i will welcome your advice so that I can make my decision on crypto currency investment.
  4. Hi Welcome to the Primedice Forums!
  5. Over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin has been receiving an increase in media attention. It has been mentioned regularly by FOX news, NBC, CNBC and in magazines such as Time Magazine and the New York Times. This can be mainly attributed to the crypto-currency’s increase in price. Bitcoin price has sky-rocketed and extrapolation of its growth shows that it will continue to increase till the momentous 2040. Moreover, the increase media attention should only increase the already amazing price. This is because of the demand and supply paradox. Furthermore, I believe further online shops and even ‘physical’ shops would begin introducing Bitcoin, because of the spotlight that the media is shining on it. However, what could this media attention in terms of taxes and the governments? Will governments feel threatened by Bitcoin growth? Will they intervene? If Bitcoin becomes widely accepted, perhaps if it overtakes fiat, can the government find some way to enforce taxes?
  6. Hawaiianz Primedice is love Primedice is life <3
  7. congrats bro! what a lucky man
  8. oh god thats so bad lol