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  1. Who has ever won the highest bid and its important to really understand this place and how to earn this forum , the best one has ever won , the biggest one has ever won is on what side, who in this forum has ever won the highest, its important to really know what we are going to do this primedice , its important for us to really know what we have to do in this forum. who won the highest dice roll or any other like poker and who will be able to understand
  2. Okay how much do you earn from it, and what is the idea to which you are able to get from it, there are a number of times \I have tried and it was so difficult for me to win, winning ratio is very different and its going to be something good for us to keep everything in perspective, the earning in such is usually hard to win but also its good to understand what happens to this
  3. I think you can spend your earnings on the forum where you are able to work and use them in betting and there are so many people and there is a lot of good we have to follow certain ideas we saw, we have to work to work and put the little we have to be well organized, so when you run the forum there is a lot of good ideas that put together everything in gambling, you can withdraw the amount you have