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  1. hello vlada <3 you have a legendary screen name makes me wanna bite you.
  2. @mmo21st looking at your increase loss: 12% i think its pretty safe if you have 1 million satoshi starting balance.
  3. way to go bakso Chinese cuisine is the best.
  4. hellow world and hello to BITCOIN welcome home mate
  5. it needs a lot of time and a very hard work betting haha <3 but its a win win process nice one
  6. its a lotta monna already 30,000php good shot buddy.
  7. I guess the solution for this multi account player is what edward proposes in the forum the new feature in primedice where in you can view multiple accounts at one page.
  8. @king0007 got a point on this me i have a fiber connection and captcha works well but when i tried opening my account in other place it happened same way like 8 rounds before crediting.
  9. its not worth to keep anyway haha nice one mate. share your strat.
  10. they're actually ready for some "alt accounts war on rain"
  11. i love you just"alice" haha
  12. its never too late to welcome you sis <3
  13. behave kasi guys iwasan nyo yong "CRAB MENTALITY" warning nyo muna bago husga