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  1. There is no such thing as making a comparison about Drives (both HDD and SSD) for mining... Mining is basically something that PROCESSORs do where they have to process the algorithms informations and code block conditions and discover new values. https://www.reddit.com/r/NiceHash/comments/6kt0j2/simple_silly_question_ssd_or_hdd_does_it_matter/
  2. Holy cow that's great, how much have you profit with it in the end since there is House Edge. I once hit those kind of strategy sequence and got around 0.3 ;P
  3. Well yeah just because addresses are stored somewhere like a database or some schema. There will always ways to achieve such informations
  4. Good Job on achieveing such profit. Did you knew it would be ok to try and hit that kind of payout as with a all in? Or was it luck and random strategy by chance?
  5. Since you will be kinda a target to look at or someone to make some friend invite or even provide a pm just for "socializing". I am not using it publicly for any kind of amount (low or high). Nobody has to know the amounts i earned and i want to avoid being that kind of a target.
  6. For sure it will work out as long as you can see it at any address verifier and it's the new address type (not old one if there is any). Also confirm if it works for everyone to know
  7. There is no simple multiplier solution as you say.... It's all about your own strategies and if you have the history on your rolls to achieve such chance winnings. Nevertheless try combining diferent strategies for specific amount of times.
  8. If you are for example a multiple exchanges owner where the money is transfered / transactioned. Then you will be able to track them down easily
  9. You guys should know that changing seed does nothing against probabilistic odds Just changes nonces rolls sequence but still you will have your probabilistic chances with the same odds. That's why if you change seed every 1 bet you will still be able to bust.
  10. Hum interesting information indeed. Still i am most thinking if that was the case considering banks of india or something else like grab funds and run away Nevertheless thank you for the news and let's see if they decide to turn up with a new organization in the future.
  11. Well i do prefer the quicker ones (less wagering time but better not bust risk) rather than the big ones. For example right now Primedice has an active race for 24 hours.... That's huge deal considering you have to wager for a full 24 hours cycle where if you bust you will have to deposit more coins and during that time you could lose your place.
  12. Well i would still go for the same old mentioned by me on other topics: Basically you want to use mostly the ones you currently live / gambling with. Therefore my main ones will be: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple. Don't find anything bad really for now
  13. And based on which facts do you believe in such HUGE (lmao) prices? Provide some more feedback on your speculations please so we can discuss them
  14. Well i do find it quite odd that when you bet higher amounts the bets go faster, probabily so you can bust more Or maybe it's just my luck being none.
  15. I am using mostly slow and steady strategies just because i find ease on achieving less red streaks vs the majority of other gamblers. That's due to my self experience i was able to create such strategies that would benefit me on the long run.
  16. You are right on the concept word being existed before. As i have stated previously Read my reply before posting non sense informations....
  17. TeDreamWolfKa (no one else is participating we are getting out of names )
  18. Well never happened to me since after some huge wins i always withdraw or save them at my bank account (not using vault by the way) Concerning the ups and downs on the balance profit yes it happened multiple times just because i changed strategies
  19. Well that is a start and should be added. Just make it better in a way that provides more games rather than being 1:1 with all other Dice Casino sites... You won't know if it was a good addition unless you try it
  20. You can verify such statement on the following links: - https://dashnews.org/facebook-further-rolls-back-cryptocurrency-advertising-ban/ - https://www.vox.com/2018/6/26/17505876/facebook-cryptocurrency-ads-bitcoin-ico-ban-reversed - https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/26/facebook-reverses-its-crypto-ad-ban/