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  1. my first experience on pd was learning how to roll these dices.. was the first gambling game of my life
  2. you both are lost? the last word was "education".. you should type a word with N.. but as you seem not to understand the game, i do it Neon
  3. depends in the balance you have.. if you have a balance of 0.01 or higher you can make some profit playing 3x payout with 100 satoshis base bet and in loss 225% increase it.. but dont get greedy to increase the base bet because you can loose it all
  4. when gambling if you want to make some profit you should control that greediness
  5. i never thought about it but yeah it would be nice to know.. i am a pd user from 2014 and still have no clue on that
  6. 2 days ago while completing the bitcointalk Primedice event i was betting 1k at 98% then after 3 red almost in a row i had only about 800 satoshis to bet (which would not help me since i needed 1k at least and did yolo at 99x payout these satoshis, in hope to lose them all and claim a new faucet, but i won
  7. i agree with them, stop gambling and seek a professional help.. you already did the first step, accept what you are doing as wrong.. now give the next step
  8. your seed has a high chance to roll low numbers.. start to play low and you should be fine
  9. look the positive side of this.. you increased your faucet or at least got closer to increase it lol
  10. i would get crazy if i would lose 1btc, for 90 i have no clue what i could do 8)
  11. this is the secret to dont lose so much.. never get greedy.. play safe is always the best thing you can do to win big
  12. for myself nothing still nothing, for my wife tons of plush, as she loves it
  13. Nice thinking but Only one cant do the change we need to do it all together )) to be honest the changes start for ourselves.. but i dont agree with his point of view.. helping others is always good but not always that good feeling you have when helping the others will stand for a long time like the love of a pet will do.. helping others may bring life to their lives but having a pet (paid or not) brings life for yours.. and you must always think in yourself first than others
  14. 9.. could be 10 if i were in the photo 8)
  15. DreamStage


    World Of Warcraft and Monopoly but going to buy Game of Thrones in the next months
  16. if you could pick only 1 anime hero, which one you would pick? i probably would pick Goku
  17. Still new at Forum (but old in PD) but I got all steps done User: DreamStage <3 Edward (it sounds so gay man)
  18. I do like and I am not ashamed to say she really does lol
  19. He is my husband.. he is at that level because he plays PD the entire day while working and because of this I can't play due to IP restriction Anyways, I am lvl 14 with 150 satoshis faucet and I am hopeless to increase it at any time soon :-\ cry me a river ;D