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  1. Thank you for such informations, i also did not knew about them. Should had googled some stuff first as well It is due to coin offerings and pumps on the initial price. Check their white papers and feedback if it is really worth investing with and for them. That way you will not need to "wait" to see if it's worth your time.
  2. Rolls go faster as your wagering goes as well. If you increase wager from 100 to 1000 you will notice how the speed will be boosted all suddently. Nevertheless the odds for winning or losing don't change but the factor for a certain feeling that increasing bet amount increases the chance of losing is due to so many bets in such small times.
  3. Or you can mention crypto as cryptonite of other currencies? Maybe from the world currencies as we know it since they are all centralized. Meaning that's an escape for the decentralization from the crypto currencies as well
  4. That is not a solution for this topic at all... You just provided an excuse to the problem. My advice: you should think about imposing yourself some limits with transactions / deposits and so on so eventually you will be playing (if you are addicted so much but you want to continue playing) with a lesser balance that you might afford to lose and that way it will be accepted.
  5. Not only that but saves you the trouble to get yourself a ban When abusing the faucet of course.
  6. Guys this is a topic about Mining altcoins.... @Kate is asking if SSD or HDD should be used for mining and everyone in this topic is just replying with non sense replies.... Nobody cares about comparing both drives at first place rather than presenting some usefull information validating some reason why HD type is worth buying for MINING.
  7. That's why i dont use dicebot or any public bot but my own only So i can automatically calculate the best rolls that will have bigger chances on rolling such lower numbers. Based on AI i can beat the Casino
  8. I would not keep your coins at an exchange neither any kind of wallet, unless you want to HODL them... I just immediatly exchange them if it's kinda big amounts or leave them for a while if only low value priced like 30 bucks or so.
  9. You are not seeing his previous rolls that were on other seed most likely You can also see he reseted his seed due to a custom name imposed.
  10. It was a continuous faucet decrease amount since the beginning. And yes it was due to abusers, a.k.a. faucet farmers and the Site had to protect itself to not become bankruptcy... I am glad on those changes as it will bring more people to the forum as well, most likely. We are already seeing it each day more new people joining.
  11. He just provided evidence of such profit returns.... Are you reading other people's replies or just posting without reading all the topic?
  12. How much were your profit / loses curves by the way? Were them some way differentiate with a high amount? Even that you mentioned not using a big payout you can still achieve such differences with medium ones.
  13. That's one plus approach as i stated above. That's basically how you should do with any other coins. Oh that is also a best resolution to play with each coin. Will add that mindset to my own as well
  14. Well Edward has actually many bitcoins and his own building for his company. That's how you get full support 24/7 everywhere But his Casino is mainly online as we know it and the staff is on the building if they can. There are no restaurants or anything you mentioned.
  15. Any info on when there will be opened for more registrations? Will be waiting on the announcement Thanks for the info anyway.
  16. He has not verified that and never will... If you do such stuff let us know we will be here to support you daily
  17. Well it is not just rumors. You can follow the price variations by the amount of validated speculations and news. Take for example latest price rise due to bull runs by investors and everyone one. After specific time it decreased as people followed the drop chain thus making btc at $11k mark again.
  18. Well in my case it depends... If i want to make some profit i go for Bitcoin mainly only. Now if i notice that i am about to get some red streaks i would probabily try out some dogecoin or any other low valuable currencies. Also when i test new strategies i go for such low currencies.
  19. Well that's not a thing that will be implemented soon as Primedice does not even requires any. I do believe in the beginning they were about to add but then didn't saw any kind of beneficial situation for them. Also i dont mind having it or not