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  1. You can also martingale for sports game eventually. If you keep your historical game data at your side you will be able to double your money on the next game. The thing about both Casino and Sports is that Sports is a direct game type where you need the knowledge to bet against something that can change very rapidly based on teams players efforts and conditions. On Casino (speaking of mathematic probabilistics) it's a consistent environment where there are odds and you know how much odds you are going to have as they are always the same on particular amount of bets.
  2. Even if XRP is centralyzed you can consider it being decentralized since you can trade it anywhere whenever you want. If you think about it that's what decentralization means... And what exactly you mean with Bolenum release? It's not even worth buying since it's price fluctuation is unexistent. Check here https://walletinvestor.com/converter/bolenum/xrp/1 Not even registered at https://coinmarketcap.com/pt-br/currencies/bolenum/
  3. You haven't read correctly... he started to gamble again with those 2 bucks as he said at #3 On the other hand sure it's a short story and happy one but your lack on knowledge made you immediatly bet with bitcoin which was a all in. You could do a bit more than that and win even more if you would diversify your portfolio on which coins you would gambling with. Take for instance splitting those btcs into other new added Primedice coins and you will see my point
  4. You know you can always report him as i do and mods take care of him for us Anyway about your reply: It is not unlikely, it's just very low chance on getting such price dumps considering that if price is having a bull run most of the people will still want to buy more and more because of the speculation that exists during that time. Now if you start seeing a small price difference and is a negative one than for sure most of newbie investors / gamblers will start panic selling thus creating a sell chain where the price will dive all of a sudden.
  5. Very low and steady profit strategies are the ones you should look for into long runs for longer periods of time without being on the lookout. As those strategies make you able to get lots of red streaks till most of a max of 31 which is basically the amount as average it takes for one to bust with such low strategies.
  6. But then just change the domain on having some "cash" word as bitcoin.com is incentive for looking into bitcoin based news which includes basically everything including other coins forks, alts and everything else. That's the point i am refering to as being focused on bitcoin cash only.
  7. Try it then, if you use their faucet for a full week for example you will get faucet reduced to 1 satoshi till your next deposit. You could also be banned for faucet farming. I have read many times at bitcointalk and other forums about it. Not sure if it is still like that currently but my guess is that it is still active.
  8. Well started with the basic trading markets with crypto currencies. Go for some alt coins which have big volume trading per 24 hours and high market cap. Also check if it's an active coin, if its dead just skip it as you wont have many market fluctuations which is the principle for you to get those profits Check some google guides on how to trade properly and how to place trades.
  9. Still waiting on some feedback @seacmun That's because you hit your probabilistic chances on getting that red streak. You should had taken your history into consideration for an upcoming red streak with such magnitude. But you still get those red streaks, do you think it's less harmfull than running a normal martingale strategy?
  10. Well some days ago i just spoken with a family member about it because he saw how good it was my investment and my productivity with crypto currencies. He was able to understand that i had the knowledge to achieve much more profit and so trusted his guts on my knowledge. Thus he wants me to help him making more money from investments.
  11. Well i contradict your statement just because i am one of those that can earn profits since i have started. You just have to learn from your mistakes, know when to stop, know when to bet with specific strategies. Examine your rolls history (that's why you have them there) and more things to get attention on.
  12. Well if they do get some positive cashflow i am sure they could just continue with their company. Overall that's how an exchange survives due to people's comissions. Comissions as taxes, fees whatever you wanna call them from users transactions.
  13. i do think that before he achieved Primedice and made it online he researched a bit on which most Casino games were online. From that it took Dice name as dice games are more popular and easier ones to code and then the Prime is related to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_(disambiguation) : A prime is a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself. Or prime show, as premium show on demand that will be announced as something new.
  14. Really? Where you read such specifiction? Is it on their white papers. I actually didn't knew about it till now. So i am much as surprised.
  15. Everybody has their own lucks on the right times You just have to earn them and understand when are the best opportunities for you to achieve such big wins. Nevertheless think about why you keep failing, check some other topics in this forum and you will understand
  16. But why? Just because they dont feel to understand you? Or just because they think it's non sense talking about it?
  17. Well here are some that you might wanna test
  18. Yes you can only have up to 2 concurrent requests at same time. Meaning if you have a other computer user or http request sent during a small time window above or equal to 3 it will stop you / warning you. Since both tabs belong to the same account (in case they are the same) it will influence in your rolls of course since you can break your strategies due to discrepancy