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  1. Man there are so many scams people felt for and never learned their lesson. Such borrowing scams are one of those where you need to learn from the very first attempt. The only scams i got (considering a borrow from other people) are pronzi schemes (double coins). But no i have never gotten any borrowing scam because i dont want to have anything to do with such stuff
  2. It does not expires don't worry. You can chose to get it immediatly after the 30 minutes timer or wait for some specific amount. Collect it when u need some big amount for like an all in or to reach specific balance like withdraw for instance. Or you can claim it if you need to use it as balance.
  3. Craig is one fake ass guy, faking everywhere he pleases, if you cross its reference at google you will find alot of fake news by him trying to deceive the ones without knowledge or information. He has been faking all over the place multiple times and was caught with his tail in the butt. About Bitcoin it will surely becoming something unique as a global currency. You just have to keep believing as currently there are so many countries adopting it already
  4. It all depends on my strategies types. If i go for slow steady bets usually around $5 as also dependent at Bitcoin's price as i dont gamble alot with other coins. Sometimes big ones like $30 or $50. But all depends if i have to martingale all in or use manual bigger strategies or hiting higher payouts.
  5. They had removed before thus due to an algorithm error that was targeting everyone including the good Youtubers. Those without anything that contradicts Youtube Terms Of Use are still active and without any issues whatsoever. The others were removed permantly (deleted for ever and they can not appeal). Scammers, Pronzi schemes, Advertisers mentioning not good sites are the ones from the cryptocurrency scene that are gone.
  6. It's simply because most of the Devs are on vacation. Therefore ongoing developments have been on hold for specific time during Christmas and New Year's Seasons. That's my take on those changes that have not yet returned. Or they are simply making them better.
  7. Maybe Stake would fit you in small gameplay? Not with the normal Poker tables that would be something already. Else what about PartyPoker? https://www.partypoker.com/ I have heard it's good, but have not yet tested so you should confirm first.
  8. I prefer live games, specially if line ups are announced immediatly during game announce start. That's because if u bet prior your odds might not sound the same as after announcing the full roster that will be playing. As i am speaking on football the odds favour me mostly after that peak. Changing gradually during time.
  9. I have been almost using my coins just for paying some bills and some other stuff that i just won't mention on a public forum As we are talking about a private currency so that's my take on this. Overall i would use for several other stuff such as gambling if it was possible at real life casinos and buying something in real life as payment method.
  10. Congratulations with your profit. How much bets it took you? I would asume at least 10000? As for the time effort maybe 1 month? Depending at your bet's speed ofc. Overall i did achieved something like that multiple times already but were all flukes by the time Jackpot was available when Primedice started
  11. That does not happens only for Primedice but for Stake as well. The reason such issue happens is because both Casinos are using the same API code base. Overall as @UltraChief mentioned you just have to provide 2fa at your first tip request and if the problem persists just ignore it and tip it immediatly. It happened before to me as well and even for Edward at Stake's stream. Also devs are aware of that.
  12. Most of other coins are implementing new technologies or are simple forks from the main currency source: Bitcoin. Also other cryptos can have much weaker white papers and mindsets than Bitcoin's technologies. Based on those and because Bitcoin is the most valuable coin on the market right now it's why Bitcoin is a major top 1 coin from everything else. Also real world payment methods use Bitcoin as main virtual currency rather than all others.
  13. I have always been using auto for specific martingale low steady strategies. Using manual only when i need to recover from some loss or i just need to wager specific amount quickly. Or for instance some specific giveaway objective. It all goes down to your self control on which target you are aiming for (quick bets -> strategy without being on the control or manual with self control).
  14. Thats why most of newbies lose their minds and quit the game so soon basically. So many times i have mentioned and tried to explain to others why you should always save or play with every slow and steady strategies. Just if you ever lose your patience -> close the browser and try again on the next day and go for different strategies and reset the seed.
  15. From where or how you have reached such mining websites? I was looking for some these days and i got almost 0 adds considering Mining whatsoever. It seems many more investors are giving up on such online stuff as you will be wasting more time / effort rather than obtaining profit. When was the last time they have withdrawn from them? And is it still worth (based on their hashing rates) ?
  16. Not only that but you can also win based on a bluff where even with a weak hand you will come out on top I have won so many times where i had pair of 2s and was still bluffing all the way till the end and won vs Asses It was so cool that people were like wtf all the time.
  17. Long time i have not visit your bot, as i had to get some references for mine atm By the way new version is out but was not announced here: DiceBot Released: Thursday, November 28, 2019