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  1. Primedice is the founder of all other Dice Casinos, as a father to all of copy cats. There are even public scripts to copy it's html page at bitcointalk. On the other hand it's safer, trusted and has been online since 2014 which brings it more likely a must be member with I feel safe playing at Primedice than all other Casinos as i'm likely to not lose my funds.
  2. Provide some examples from those that you want to avoid. As i am guessing you had some bad experience? It is good that you share to the community which ones were since this topic is all about mentioning them.
  3. Out of Control: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1302576/
  4. Thank you for such incredible long list of tips considering sports betting is something i have not so much experience as a gambling casino. I would like to add maybe considering the fact you need to study the teams you are gambling at, go for specific game types as well. Like computer game teams if you are only chasing computer games and so on.
  5. I will feel just emptyness purely inside for a long long time... Like when you lose someone and you are in love. You will end up with loneliness and that's all like a black hole feeling. Or like some others do try to get it again and bust eventually.
  6. You can use Insomnia for API queries execution for getting such things: https://insomnia.rest/download/ There's a Primedice API call that gets bet id based on bet String id that you are looking for. Like when you request bet's list it will show up.
  7. @CntryBoy is banned for wearing Glasses at his Avatar
  8. You do know you will have to KYC your information against any exchange right? Virtual currencies need to be exchanged with other Sellers / Buyers. As if you sell BTC and you send FIAT to your bank you will be obligated to tell authorities where the money come from if they ask you. You are safe as long you dont do illegal activities. Same thing in India right now as they are going for more specific laws.
  9. Well i don't think that google's search has something to be related with bitcoin price. The reason why bitcoin price jumped was because Investors wanted to save their money in a virtual place. That way if banks would close due to political sanctions their money would be safe.
  10. Well i had been one of those with negative profit for 2 consecutive years. Being on a negative trend made me smarter as i would always search for some solution on the internet. Usually i would pass by here or at Stake's Forum to get some strategies and explanations for the resolution of my problem if someone also had it. Which made me a better gambling and now i have been recovering all my loses since 2018
  11. You say it's very fair but what if in terms on a real life Casino game you get scammed? Every game can in reality be genuine and you will feel like it's being played over certain rules. But what if at your online tables there is a hacker with some bot tool that predicts every turn you make?
  12. The answer comes down to a simple question as where do you have the most knowledge into sports? For me it's pure computer gaming. So when i gamble at some sports for instance at Stake i have always been heading to Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike. Because i know that i get most profit there than everything else. It will always depend on the information you have and experience with such sports games.
  13. In the past i got alot of tips when talking with someone on the chat. Not because of the on going discussion but because i was helping many of new users. Some other times were just meanwhile randomly talking with some old scholl member such as Singpays and i had tips randomly
  14. There is no such issue anymore after some API fix from the Devs team I know that because i had reported multiple time Stake's support team there was an on going throttle using same http connection to multiple connections (it has to be only 1). Therefore everything was lagging and hanging. If you get such thing is not due to caching or whatsoever.
  15. Nakamoto is one of us of a cryptocurrency society user. Therefore he has the same rules applied. He started at his own computer which then become decentralized. There is no way for it to be stopped unless Network stops. So as a sum: nobody can end it unless the network or the road data takes to transaction ends.
  16. I have learned just as you mentioned but not only that. From information achieved by reading some news and some professional gamblers and other Primedice / Stake users i have learned gambling way better. Learned to not lose much and to find the best strategies for my gambling game types. I am one of the slow and steady strategies maker
  17. No there shouldn't be such option unless Primedice Staff / Moderators things of it and has to have it. The thing is most of those busted Gamblers are the ones who have no self control and no understanding of how to gamble properly. Thus raging on the chat is a simple way for them to trying on getting tips from other users as feeling sorry for them.
  18. What about these ones: https://bitcoinplay.net/bitcoin-poker/#gref Which you would recommend? As i have heard of both top 3 ones: - BetOnline - Fair Poker - 1xBit
  19. But the thing is are those modified conditions able to change your odds from an ongoing game? Let's say we have 2 know football teams and one of them is likely 100% to win because the other is garbage. The only thing that could happen in terms of gambling on such teams at a sports casino site is you lose everything if the team to win is paid to lose.
  20. Since you have started this Topic considering ETH as the main currency for your statements i would like to give you some heads up on current 2020 state: Ethereum is growing by the minute, it has alot of on going stuff under the scenes and following Bitcoin price if you havent noticed. Check coinmarketcap for example: https://coinmarketcap.com/pt-br/currencies/ethereum/ Also my topic: