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  1. DreamStage

    Why do you like poker?

    I have been playing poker for over 7 years so far. Most of them withing Test Drive Unlimited Casino (the game itself provides a Casino) Other times i have been playing into online tables. I like poker because of the same reasons you mentioned (both Players and money off course, who would not?) Started playing after watching seveal Europeal Poker Stars TV shows (real life tournaments)
  2. DreamStage

    Hey PD!

    Hello @hardbringer87, Welcome abord the Primedice train, good luck have fun Anyway did you meant you will rise some of the price coins by betting bigger? Are you a kind of highroller? :DDD I guess it was only your introduction as some sort of a joke outside the box
  3. Hello @Tailflick thanks for this app it works like a charm with some specific modifications it could be better as you know. Still not judging your app but asking for a possible feedback from you in the end. Are you still active in Primedice and developing more of it? Any upcoming updated app, especially any new kind of UI (Interface) implementation? What kind of things are you thinking for the upcoming future. Do you keep it up to date with latest Primedice API (if changed)? Would love to get these answers as feedback is important, maybe you could turn your app into something else just like @Seuntjie Dice Bot.
  4. DreamStage

    Old players

    Hello man welcome back to the best Gambling Casino in the history of Cryptocurrency. I was once of those who left for some specific reasons and returned after a while when i had my gambling mindset back and ready to start all over again Sometimes i feel sad we do not have some of the old legacy users present on the chat or here on the Forum, but that's something nobody can change. Overall has been great so far and im sure if i leave again i will be back some time as always
  5. DreamStage

    Have you ever used a Bitcoin ATM?

    Unfortunately did not had the change to test those yet =/ But would love to test, check them out. Especially because you mentioned it was using Coinbase. That's my main transaction exchanger and withdraw, deposit to both Primedice, Stake and my Bank Account. Based on that i have already thought about it in using it as 100% legitm Now it is up to government, contries regulators to accept these new sort of transactional ATM machines into their countries and see if Bitcoin, Crypto world will evolve even more. Maybe the price will grown even more due to more Buys
  6. DreamStage

    High-risk payment gateway solution

    Everything is preaty nice and simple to understand but what about support feedback, response and answer times? How much is your support average's reply times in some of the support cases? Are you having alot of support (issues, questions)? Are you a stable company or fake, scam? Either way i think an Online chat system would help you alot as well.
  7. DreamStage

    What was your longest red?

    If i remember correctly i have always busted max up to 31 reds. Following my low be strategies from Dicesites tools: https://dicesites.com/tools I knew by betting a certain strategy i would eventually bust till certain red amounts but what you do not take into consideration is house edge so we need to always calculate house edge in the long run. Anyway and back to the topic, i already know how much red streaks i can take with dicesite tools on a specific strategy usage. There were some moments where i would reach about 40 reds and still profit my way out of it in the 41th But that's what i just call pure luck.
  8. DreamStage

    The collection of tipping-games

    We could still have them in the future, i do not remember, know exactly why or if they were 100% removed from the system but i think they will be back as soon Staff can put them back online (devs working on them? :D). Loved to see anything new out of the box for instance concerning some dice subject focus games more. Rather then a Casino, Primedice is way more then that and we could help them improve with our suggestions. Just the community thinks any change would eventually ruin Primedice's outside look, feeling to new gamblers out there. I still thinking providing new games will be a plus one for Primedice Casino Community and the Staff itself.
  9. DreamStage

    Is anyone here still mining?

    I do not think it is still worth anymore since 2013 as well from what i have read and seen. Also do you still think home mining is still a thing? Are you willing to sacrifice your own hardware for mere small backs in profit? Even if you use these new hardwares (appropriate mining graphic cards and processors) do you still think they are worth sacrificing? Or will they not lose their potential in the long run, even break pherhaps? Still i think mining is worth for bigger companies where they focus into mining ONLY and nothing else. Concerning that there are less and less adresses to be found and such. But due to halfs and forks who knows as well for the technology advances.
  10. DreamStage

    Can I updated forum feed to website?

    You can use Primedice's Forum's RSS feed: https://forum.primedice.com/board/65-programming.xml/ Any other informations, topics, post and such you have to get authorization from Primedice's Staff Since they using IPBoard's Forum, you will be able to get some special permission if they are willing you so.
  11. DreamStage

    Withdrawal limit's reduced for BTC

    Concerning the Bitcoin (and every other currency price out there) are droping like kamikazes on a waterfall, it is understandable withdraw limits, fees, everything related with specific taxes and limits should be lowered, according with market's value. I agree and also apreciate the change made by Primedice in this current market's situation. It also easies the way for fast transactions since network will not need such high fees anymore (due to withdrawls amounts as well). Overall it is nice to see once again Primedice adapting to regular cryptocurrency world volatile changes. As always we can count with him.
  12. DreamStage

    Brickblock.io your thoughts about it?

    Is this company still a thing anyway? I have just visit his homepage and page takes a while to load, after certain seconds (loading for ever) i was able to check it out completely. On first impressions it did not kept me in it due to his low Design, did not attracted me at all. Due to those points i would not move forward becoming part of it (using it) for my personal usage. Does not seems legit (just my humble opinion). Always check out for your first impressions on such "unknown" companies. You know how in these days everything can smell as scam or not worth "investing", "giving it a try" at all.
  13. DreamStage

    Online Faucets And Profitability

    They are still effective if you know how to use them. Google AdSense is not a direct profit for them anymore, now everyone using Shortlinks in which is way more effective due to Google policies against faucet owners. These shortlinks hide the main faucet site where google allows them to. You can still make them even from Faucethub you know... You're wrong, i can for example leave 100 browser tabs (yes i have 24GB) open on Auto Claimers into my FaucetHub account and profit with it without any action from me during 30 days (if i extend auto claim "energies")
  14. DreamStage

    Would you go all in with Hand AK suited?

    This is what i have learned so far from playing with it: A-K is a tricky hand, in that the range playing back at it is very wide in its statistical strength. It's much more difficult to know where you stand with A-K than with many other hands. There is no worse spot to be in than not knowing whether hitting the flop will be a good or bad thing. Because A-K is a drawing hand (meaning it needs to hit the board in some way to be more than just ace-high), many players believe it's best played in pots with multiple players. Since it has to hit to be good anyway, they feel it's desirable to get as much money in the pot as they can. Source: https://www.pokerlistings.com/strategy/beginner/aceking-part-1-the-best-drawing-hand
  15. DreamStage

    My learning from gambling

    How are you currently @Mahdirakib? Are you still active playing? How are your current winnings, loses and such (stats) ? If you need some help always check out this forum's Strategy sections where you will find alot of strategies that you could use for your personal usage and see how you would go with them. Maybe you will find your missing strategy that eventually ramp up your greens (profit and balance).