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  1. Just make sure you are winning something in return like experience and knowing when to stop. Also you should diversify your gambling currencies so you have a bigger portfolio with more coins to gamble with.
  2. On the current Market state, thinking of losing such price amount is not worrying news. Just because price is quickly getting above 1 btc price or lower and due to upcoming halving it will become even more stable. Till it reaches such stable threshold you can avoid being worried. Or you could also have a bigger bankroll in the meantime covering 1 btc loss.
  3. My bot does that for me as i made some formulas for calculating the probabilistic chances. Used ChatBot for gathering information on specific red streaks and made my strategies for more red streaks but also winning more profit. (!odds) Also using https://dicesites.com/tools
  4. I wish i could visit Greece. Such beautiful place, maybe this Year
  5. Hum for me it is asking for email confirmation as pending withdrawal. And i feel more safer with the email acceptance rather than just 1 simple vault click as i might be mistaken during some red streak strategy.
  6. Still continuing with my cat
  7. You should not do that at first place at all... In case of using auto betting of course you should not look for your bets for such long time as you will get stressed out thinking you might bust or not getting some specific profit amount. Visit regularly and you will become more patient and happy.
  8. I am using both Primedice and Stake's Vault wallets as it's more safer than everything else. Been using Coinbase as well for my personal direct exchange and quick fiat <-> cryptocurrency access. Coinbase is the best for me as the site looks simple and provides some credibility.
  9. I do both at same time for Primedice and Stake. I have my own bot which tells me how much profit i have done per session and how much red streaks i had. Based on such informations i verify on VIP data (so i can know how much % i get from specific wagering / profit and streaks).
  10. Playing smarter is basically you as a gambler knowing when to gamble with a specific strategy or not. Is to know when you need to STOP gambling with all of your bankroll because you are about to hit your odds (based on your bets history you can calculate that). Is to know when you need to change seed and why you have to and when you can cashout or not. There's more than that you have to learn from yourself by experience.
  11. Maybe you could just learn your way of playing the game by checking some other Players? Look for some guides on the internet or ask some friends if they know some strategies to use.