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  1. Oh long time no see, thanks for coming back! I have been following your suggestions and i was able to grab some profits way more then when i hust to play for myself (without any back knowledge and pure randomless betting). I'll try to catch you up now By the way which site is your current one where you gamble / bet your predictions?
  2. Hum, i don't know if this is the ones you are looking for but take a look: https://github.com/derekpankaew/IDEX-Market-Making-Bot Or you can try and make your own app following these principles: https://www.freelancer.com/projects/javascript/build-market-maker-script-bot/ https://www.freelancer.com/projects/javascript/build-market-maker-bot-for-16301676/ (Maybe you? :D) If you have the knowledge you can do your own app, should be difficult nowadays by googling some informations and video tutorials especially from Youtube. I would still go for a .NET app which is the advisable app type for Windows.
  3. Although the site seems very reasonable and looks sharp I do not like that upon first website access a big registration page pops up. This should not be mandatory and user request only. It gives a bad feeling just like someone's trying to control their users. Of course that you can still cancel the window and see all site's main frame and features but it's a negative feature in my opinion. Still i love the way tables are represented (just as regular poker tables) and nothing else loses my focus into the game. Just sit and play that's all we want to play for Poker this days
  4. I like the concept alot, have you been thinking since 2017 and still not decided yet? Just give it a go, try it out? It's 2019 do not be afraid of trying new things to boost up Primedice. Im sure everyone has no negative feedback from having this Primedice new Coins into the Casino. Go for it, since most of other Casinos have it as well, it's ok a +1 in having it.
  5. Well i have seen better the recent weeks from a Brazilian guy reaching more than 20BTC profit and losing it all as a noob due to his greediness. But oh well that is how they learn playing with their mindsets right and not their eyeballs. Anyway, is 3377777fj still at Primedice? Anyone knows if he is still profiting like before? Have not seen him in a while from those times where he hust to be an High Roller. Hope to see him again hitting those greens
  6. Bitcoin Hits $1,000, November 27, 2013: I think this one was the one that everyone thought: well Bitcoin is finally going to the top, who knows if this will be IT? Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto, May 2, 2016: Ye sure, let the media influentiate on who is the real guy, everyone can be the guy that created satoshi, bitcoin who ever you wanna call it. The Birth of Bitcoin Cash, August 1, 2017: Everyone thought it would not be a "thing", and so here we are now and it is a big thing. $20,000 BTC, December 17, 2017: Please when will we have BTC great AGAIN like this? Still waiting
  7. Same thing here, it all depends how much are you profiting based on the base bet. I have also hit such greateness profit in last year but well did not used it much as busted after a while... =/ The fun fact is that i knew i could been busting after a certain amount of bets and still my greediness let me lost QQ. I have learned alot from my experience and still saving some now.
  8. I would still go for Dogs if i need some kind of inside protection? Else im ok in having a cat with me, it makes me calm in hard situations.
  9. I do not use any, well... Hust to back in the days when Bitcoin was the only best profitable thing to get from Mining. Now the market is so flooded from them that it's like meh no thanks anymore. I still continue emphasing on it's not worth in mining currently for yourself unless you have those new technologies that mine for you way faster. Also what i hate for real are the sites that mine on your machine from your own backs. That's why i always use minerBlock extension to prevent such shit companies. Anyway im not against anyone who mines or does not... It's just my opnion and preference
  10. Well i have around +5k only. The reason why Primedicers have so many chat messages, at least the legacy users are because Primedice had these level achievements in the past with Chat Messages, in which would increase your faucet base amount. Other reason is always to stay active in the chat due to rainbot tips and sometimes when Staff team comes into the chat and starts giving away some amounts. Also from other users, if someone sees you active he can even start sharing you some tips.
  11. Hum nop, never heard of such thing but i think it is great in start thinking about these kind of implementations in real life environments Im also seeing you posted back at November 30th 2018, where this News says Phone will be released in late December 2018? Is it out yet, do you have any news regarding this subject? I would love to know about it
  12. Hum i would go for Greece and Dubai? Greece has such cool and beautifull places to go to (visiting ofc). Dubai will always be that wonderfull world between the desert, how do they handle the city and how much technology is involved.
  13. If he starts making those preparations and developments i will certain be glad in starting betting on his statements as well How is it going so far @lint59 how much have you profit from these anyway? If you do not want to answer i totally understand you so it will be ok. Anyone else who can report how much greatness have you achieved with @lint59 results?