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  1. How did you guys figured out Hufflepuff was cheating?
  2. In reality there's a dark secret that holds a complete different reality from what we know about Bitcoin price and Gambling Bets.... Joking Anyway and back to the Topic, from my speculation point of view, i do believe it will continue to increase since there are many new investments from the well known companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. If you haven't heard you should google some news, you will be surprised why the price is going up and looking alike the next Bull Run. Probabily will reach above $10.000 at the end of the year as many speculate due to those given reasons.
  3. Well that's the thing about Cryptocurrency and every kind of trade market. Since market is volatile you can't predict if goes down or up in a specific time. You can only speculate according with recent news. At first sight you should have read some informations about Primedice (what gambling is and how related with Bitcoin). If you already had that knowledge during your bets, well you knew that could happen and you had to accept it, else why gamble in the first place right? Still it was indeed a sad day to you, but no worries we have all been there and learned from those mistakes
  4. Most of the times i have been using Preev: http://preev.com/ - It's always up to date as it updates with a specific delay with different World currencies. There are also more currencies for checking price rather then Bitcoin only. I have also used Coinmarketcap as you mentioned and Coinbase. - I rather prefer using Coinbase for my own country's currency and as it being my main exchanger it is the main reason on why i'm using it most of the times together with Preev since there are little differences between price.
  5. Usually you want to consider pre rolling when you need to skip specific rolls. As for example let's say i bet using one specific strategy for 20 minutes, as I have always been doing. You want to make sure that after you use those 20 minutes into some strat to reset the existing probabilistic chances of you losing on the next red streak. Therefore i will pre roll a considered amount of bets so i can HIT that red streak without any loss.
  6. Primedice showed me how to gamble properly by advising ourselves with specific strategical techniques for winning some bets. I have also aknowledge even more on Cryptocurrencies, specially Bitcoin with them by reading some informations from their Bitcointalk's topic as well Facebook and other social medias. I can safely say i have learned how to use Bitcoin in the right way with Primedice's help.
  7. Oh long time no see, thanks for coming back! I have been following your suggestions and i was able to grab some profits way more then when i hust to play for myself (without any back knowledge and pure randomless betting). I'll try to catch you up now By the way which site is your current one where you gamble / bet your predictions?
  8. Hum, i don't know if this is the ones you are looking for but take a look: https://github.com/derekpankaew/IDEX-Market-Making-Bot Or you can try and make your own app following these principles: https://www.freelancer.com/projects/javascript/build-market-maker-script-bot/ https://www.freelancer.com/projects/javascript/build-market-maker-bot-for-16301676/ (Maybe you? :D) If you have the knowledge you can do your own app, should be difficult nowadays by googling some informations and video tutorials especially from Youtube. I would still go for a .NET app which is the advisable app type for Windows.
  9. Although the site seems very reasonable and looks sharp I do not like that upon first website access a big registration page pops up. This should not be mandatory and user request only. It gives a bad feeling just like someone's trying to control their users. Of course that you can still cancel the window and see all site's main frame and features but it's a negative feature in my opinion. Still i love the way tables are represented (just as regular poker tables) and nothing else loses my focus into the game. Just sit and play that's all we want to play for Poker this days
  10. I like the concept alot, have you been thinking since 2017 and still not decided yet? Just give it a go, try it out? It's 2019 do not be afraid of trying new things to boost up Primedice. Im sure everyone has no negative feedback from having this Primedice new Coins into the Casino. Go for it, since most of other Casinos have it as well, it's ok a +1 in having it.