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    Kariuki got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    Wait you mean prime dice started in 2013? wow and I dint  know all this time , wow , any way Happy 7th birthday prime dice its again for many more and we hope to even enjoy more and more every day, happy many more years it is worth your time , thank you and God bless you , this is a good way for me to try enjoy gambling, a casino and lets see where we go
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    Kariuki got a reaction from nolep in Do you often give reaction ?   
    Well if I see a good post am always going to give reactions, because that is a post that deserves it, so very important and sometimes it does not matter if you get some reactions or not, what matters most is that you are able to most very important information here and be sure to understand everything perfectly, so very important we are able to give good content some reaction it motivates
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    Kariuki got a reaction from nolep in Dice or the wheel   
    Which between the two are the most important or is better than the other, I have tried both and to me the wheel is good but a little bit traumatizing because if you look at the way the colors are , you are afraid to get to the wrong one, the dice you roll and just wait, whatever happens happens, and to me I have been trying to get to about the 98% return and see what would be good for me, so what do you think , which is better
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    Kariuki reacted to UltraChief in Bitcin Versers Ripple   
    "Other coins" will remain as "Other". Bitcoin will always be the first and the leader of all coins. Rest all if being too much hypothetical.
    Ripple is a centralized coin controlled by private institutions. Bitcoin is a decentralized coin which is a censorship resistant and not controlled by a private institution. It makes ripple more vulnerable to change prices due to the wishes of its creators while bitcoin is traded without having the backlash of being scammed by its creators.
    Were you aware of these things?
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    Kariuki reacted to Irungu in How do you spend your earnings in Primedice?   
    I think you can spend your earnings on the forum where you are able to work and use them in betting and there are so many people and there is a lot of good we have to follow certain ideas we saw, we have to work to work and put the little we have to be well organized, so when you run the forum there is a lot of good ideas that put together everything in gambling, you can withdraw the amount you have