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  1. Can it work on this forum ?? the light here is so pircing and I want the light to go off, so can you help me change the back ground and put on something different kindly, than you and hope you get everything in perspective it should be the best am able to work with, kindly. Dark mod is very proper for me because of my eyes, they are not suppose to be in this much light and especially on this forum
  2. I think most people would spend their earning trying to play with them , which is a way of increasing their earnings but I also think its far much better to keep on investing it, its far much better as compared with any other, this is the reason why am keeping mine and see what happens after that, its going to be the best for me in so many ways that is the case
  3. I keep on wondering , how much does the forum really pay because when you look at what so many people are writing am wondering is there a point when the forum does not have ctive members because going through around, there are so many people who are able to earn from the forum and this is from as little as one posts how ever there is a condition and they are written on the rules of the forum and thats why I keep on wondering, what happens to those who break the rules, because the moderator is suppose to filter the bad people here , by giving warnings and so on and so forth
  4. I think I have a goal and I want to ahieve , but I in January wanst able to but I will keep on trying, my goal is to make about 1,000 every month and wish it could help me more in gambling and adding up, do you know I just have come to understand that its going to be really good form me to learn how to gamble and am willing to take it head on, but this is really a good site
  5. Am very new here also and am wondering whats going on here , there are so many posts and they are not as we can think of there are o many people where we can tell that are here to gambler and gain something but am willing to learn and I hope I get someone to teach me here because its going to be some good posting in here for everybody to gain something frm the forum and the gambling site