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  1. There is no one specific but it works perfectly when am able to gamble with ripple it reminds me its much easier to understand how to work with it, its a way to try and increase I try to hit 200 ripples but it has not yet worked well for me , its just a way I enjoy with it, but the one that could mess me up, and this is just a perspective , is bitcoin, it just looks ,seems that way
  2. I have been looking around all over the internet on what could be the best way to do so, but simply its like there is non, to get a lot of bitcoins you sometimes have to either get employed or you can be able to balance a number of things, like taking serveys , and sites like this ones that pay you bitcoin to post threads and posts, and other sites that will pay is to view ads and this can really take long, so there is no easy way, but if you learn how to trade, then it could be a chance. For those who claim gambling, then be shocked, be really shocked, it could be the only way you lose, its not easy gambling to make money , unless you are really smart , but its not wise to take that case.
  3. No that would be suicidal why would want to do that, I mean this thing is addictive and should be taken fast in control its important we are able to follow everything in the right way possible, if you over do gambling its going to hurt you, and especially over night, allow your body to rest and everything will be possibly the best, when you wake up fresh its going to help you well and you will be able to balance everything perfectly
  4. Wait you mean prime dice started in 2013? wow and I dint know all this time , wow , any way Happy 7th birthday prime dice its again for many more and we hope to even enjoy more and more every day, happy many more years it is worth your time , thank you and God bless you , this is a good way for me to try enjoy gambling, a casino and lets see where we go
  5. Okay it must be a cup of tea, this is what calms me down , the most important thing is t enjoy everything the best of what am doing is to really define the good mood, tea calms me down and especially when playing dice, it can be a little be strainious to watch it, and when the account hits that big one, and loses it is really painful, guess what, teal is what calms my nerves down
  6. Am currently watching the Messia its a very interesting movie it combines everything in this world , and religion it connects of the things to come and the already happens , its one of the best movies that I have seen of late, but if I could get to Dallas season 4 if there is any then I would really appreciate it, it was one of my best movie to watch and it is perfect for me
  7. I think its a little messed up , when you look around and see how much people are trying to understand what they are doing, there could be a lot of work being done on stake and primedice, I have never ever tried any other casino but when you look at things there is a chance that you should be able to make a comparison, some other casino could be trying to make some money from you
  8. I did it for the a day and I doubled my money but get this, when I started again , I was hit seriously within a minute, I should have take my money and ran with it, its actually very very dangerous, and if you were not caught , then count yourself luck, y account was out within a few seconds and it was very very painful, so dont take it lightly this can be a hit in a serouse way
  9. First of all, I enjoy the desktop because I have never actually tried playing on a mobile phone and second of it, I have never even a single minute been able to understand what are the good values that differentiate the two because am always on the desk top, this is the only way am able to work and it feels good just to observe and see what is happening on the desk top, the mobile phone is actually problematic
  10. Volt storage is a good idea but there is no way you can get profit from it , because when you do , it does not make sense, the whole place has been made and curated in a way that you will only store until you want it, so when you look at it in a different angle you have to really realize there cannot be a thing that the primedice casino , would have done with the deposit that would have made the profit or interest you are asking for, since you can withdraw at any one time.
  11. The president of my country is Uhuru Kenyatta and we are seriously waiting to evict him from state house, we cannot wait, we are simply tired, especially guys that voted for him we are really tired its , he has done some few things here and there, and the only one I remember is the Modern rail, there was a promise of food basket being full all the time but am not sure anymore if this is gonna happen in his tenure
  12. Okay am not really sure about the question but , when you look at what has happened, then you realize, winning in any casino is posible, look at it this way , you have a dice, and then you place a 50-50 bet and every time you lose , you ad another amount of the same size and when you lose again you add another amount, untill you win, but the problem with this strategy is luck of enough funds and a losing streak can be long to a point it will not take any more
  13. Its true, active users are realy going down by the numbers, I think maybe there is a strickt measure here and it is really not as easy to really post here, but the site could go up in time if we all decided to open a thread and at some point there is a problem that we have with the way sometimes some post get deleted, in fact thats what really pushed me to be silent, but I believe if I want my post to stay on, I should be very careful on what I post and how I post it, thats why am going to stay.
  14. Yes that would be a perfect idea, and it would help a lot in trying to make the whole webpage readable, I actually love the dark mode, and I really rely on it so much because it I also have a problem with my eyes , too much of light usually affects my eyes and a dark mode would come in handy , kindly check on this and it would be a blessing really a blessing, thank you very much and have a beautiful night
  15. I pretty much think so when you look at the way it has been presented then you realize it has come a long way so its important we are able to really understand what is happening, and there are so many who have realized that Libra, that is backed by face book , could be a hit and are working so hard to distance themselves, and am sure this would work well if it is released.