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  1. it looks good,, but, i'm not sure if u can do it in 17 days,, i mean it may take more, its 100X,,, and good luck with it,, hope u hit your goal,
  2. such a good move, banning bitcoin adverts in cryptocurrency is a good move for the costumers and for the company as well,, those ads destroy the CPU, they should've ban it long time ago,, but still a good move
  3. i dont think i will or i can leave PD,,whatever i profit,, whatever i lose,, i'll still PrimeDicer,,until they close it !!
  4. i started with PD3, november 2014,, good days,,
  5. shary

    Last letter game

    I think you meant RIEMANN the mathematician ? <3 Neutrons
  6. My life would be much better,, if i didnt know the cryptocurrencies,, i wasted much times on it,, and yes its getting better now,,
  7. i think it will be take a long time to be fixed,,, so many issues with the new version
  8. knowledge---> reading
  9. wake up,, shower,, breakfast,, going to university to work,,, taking a lunch,, going back to work,, going back home,,, drinking coffee,, connecting,, and gambling,, checking if i have some woks for studies,, eating dinner,, coming back to PD,, then sleep,,, thats how i spend my day,,,,
  10. Welcome to the comunity,, and good luck on gambling ,
  11. faucet wont help u recovering your coins,, better make another depo and try to recover,,
  12. I hold BTC, and Stellar(XLM), and i have also dome bit cash and eth,, but i like BTC the most, prefer holding it cuz i dont trust in other currencies
  13. i dont actually bet on football,, my my biggest bet was 125$ , i put it on Real madrid vs girona,, and i won it,, it was like 1.19x for real madrid,
  14. you can do it,, but for a very long term
  15. Yeah,, btc was like 400$ then,, and it crashed to 180$ i remember
  16. been playing PD for 4 years,, back to 2014 when i first knew BTC,, i played in PD, it was amazing to join the comunity too early,, old memories,,
  17. the developers are working to fix all the issues,, thank you for your pateince,, aand yes the min tip depends on the BTC price ,, its 1$
  18. its not a song ! only music, !!! isnt it ? good music btw !!