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  1. it looks good,, but, i'm not sure if u can do it in 17 days,, i mean it may take more, its 100X,,, and good luck with it,, hope u hit your goal,
  2. such a good move, banning bitcoin adverts in cryptocurrency is a good move for the costumers and for the company as well,, those ads destroy the CPU, they should've ban it long time ago,, but still a good move
  3. i dont think i will or i can leave PD,,whatever i profit,, whatever i lose,, i'll still PrimeDicer,,until they close it !!
  4. i started with PD3, november 2014,, good days,,
  5. shary

    Last letter game

    I think you meant RIEMANN the mathematician ? <3 Neutrons
  6. My life would be much better,, if i didnt know the cryptocurrencies,, i wasted much times on it,, and yes its getting better now,,
  7. i think it will be take a long time to be fixed,,, so many issues with the new version
  8. knowledge---> reading
  9. wake up,, shower,, breakfast,, going to university to work,,, taking a lunch,, going back to work,, going back home,,, drinking coffee,, connecting,, and gambling,, checking if i have some woks for studies,, eating dinner,, coming back to PD,, then sleep,,, thats how i spend my day,,,,
  10. Welcome to the comunity,, and good luck on gambling ,
  11. faucet wont help u recovering your coins,, better make another depo and try to recover,,