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  1. I usually prefer the dice more, although the wheel can be fun too but I think that the dice have higher chances of maximizing the profits you can earn.
  2. I would usually use the earnings I get from gambling into primedice with shopping online, it has been very accessible for me and that it has been helpful for fast transactions to be made.
  3. Actually, this forum does not even see alive compared to other forums that I have participated in, I guess it is important to implement a higher pay per post to encourage more users and that there would be more useful topics to be seen in this forum.
  4. I was asking for a personal strategy like do you usually bet at high amounts continuously and such, we all know that winning when gambling does rely highly on luck. But sometimes you can observe that there is a pattern into winning.
  5. I guess being a true gambler that you are, you would always keep hoping for it to grow and double. I personally think that if you can afford to lose that amount of money then try your luck with gambling it to increase the number.
  6. I usually play with ripple or XRP in primedice because of the low withdrawal fee, I was able to triple my initial bet, I was not much, although I have been losing more money than I should have been winning, gambling has not been very helpful for me because of my mindset.
  7. I guess that it is good that you are continually seeking to increase your balance in a daily basis, I personally think that it is a smart strategy to start slowly but surely, hope that you will achieve your goal! So far for me, I have lost my initial capital and I have not earned since.
  8. I think that every gambler is a player but not every player is a gambler in general scope, I personally think that once you play anything and it would start to involve money that is how you can call it gambling and as you participate on it makes you a gambler.
  9. There are different kinds of gamblers, what are your strategies in order for you to win? do you usually change the range to maximize the profit? or do you just play for fun with hopes of earning throughout?
  10. Welcome to primedice, in deed the environment here is much friendlier compared to other gambling sites and that fact that this forum is to gather the people is a very unique way to make the players interact with one another. Enjoy gambling and learning on this forum.
  11. I personally do not give much attention to the high roller symbol, although it does look pretty cool but majority of the time I do not really mind it and I would not spend that much just for the status symbol.
  12. This is actually a great idea because personally for me I would usually spend time on primedice and on primedice forum on late nights this would be better for my personal preference.
  13. I do not reach maximum post per day, some posts are kind of off and that I do not really relate to it or know what to say so I do not reply to those, I have noticed that this forum does not have a lot of active members.
  14. I think admins say that because that is their tagline, knowing stake and primedice; these are very common taglines and resembles and encourages players to play smart in a way that they should play into their platform.
  15. Wow, I wish I could be that lucky. Congrats