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    Thank you Steve for doing this big promotion
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    That's really cool, although I don't have a VIP, I got an email with 5 days reload treat and I'm liking it a lot!
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    Username Kittkatt 
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    ‘Absolute euphoria - the heart beats pretty hard, but it’s the happiest I’ve ever been.’
    An interview with Grahamesko.
    That must be the feeling many of you users get when you’ve hit that high multiplier. It’s a feeling that matches no other, right?
    One player who is no stranger to this feeling is a man by the name of Grahamesko. His story is one that proved that it is possible to win millions without a big initial investment; somebody we have been fascinated by since we saw him go on his hot streak.
    He is somebody who felt that euphoria from our site, and still does to this day.
    Depositing just over half a Bitcoin, Grahamesko was able to turn this into over 9 in just three days. This was all from playing what he described as the ‘simplest and most enjoyable dice game’ on the internet - which funnily enough, is exactly what we preach to our players.
    Fast forward three months, and our player that we saw continuously pick the right move, was up 400 Bitcoin. In three months, we saw a player multiply his deposit 800 times, to suddenly become - let’s face it, rich.
    ‘I was going with the flow. You need some luck of course, but I always tried to think about my decisions by taking it slow. I often changed directions and changed multiplier - I was unpredictable.
    ‘You need to accept you’re going to lose sometimes. You can’t win every bet. You just need to stay calm, and think of ways you’re going to turn those losses quickly back into wins.’
    But it was Grahamesko himself who despite seeing all of this happen before his eyes, was in just as much shock as we were to see a player who had only deposited a few months ago, turn something so small into something so large.
    ‘All I could think about was how I was going to spend my winnings, but I felt as if I took all the luck away from every other Primedice player!’
    The story did turn however. Grahamesko was able to withdraw some of his money - but not all. His luck started to change, where losing one or two Bitcoin would turn into hundreds of it.
    ‘Before I knew it, I had lost nearly half of my winnings. I was able to withdraw some while I was still ahead, but I simply lost track of where all of the money had gone in my account. I lost it very quickly.’
    But this is the thing that surprises us the most. Despite admittedly losing a majority of the money he rightfully earned, it did not deter him. But it is Grahamesko who still comes on for a game or two every so often. We questioned why.
    ‘I always feel great playing on Primedice. They are online 24/7 to support me and other players, with all of my tickets and withdrawals. Their house edge is great, and their dice game is a simple way to gamble crypto.
    ‘For a gambling man, there is no other game that comes close.'
    Grahamesko played by the motto of winning big, or die trying. He experienced both of these, but still owns profit on Primedice. We are pleased that despite his more recent experiences on the site where he did lose money, that he remembers how much he enjoyed the times before that.
    We at Primedice pride ourselves on being an online platform where those who wish to gamble their crypto, can do so with no hassle, no worry and no pressure. We are a company that is motivated by seeing our players enjoy themselves. That is true success.
    Grahamesko is just one example of a player we have taken care of from day one.
    We are motivated by interacting with players and hearing their stories. There is a story behind every player, and we hope to uncover these more frequently on the forum.
    We found that this players extreme rise to wealth through our site was intriguing for some of you players. While we have created just a game, we know that our players are invested deeply into it. We also know that winning is important. Has Grahamesko lived through any of you guys? We know there are a few of you out there.
    ‘Primedice allows the ability to turn really small amounts into huge amounts of money, in a way that is simple but enjoyable. With some luck, anything can happen.’ - Grahamesko

    To read the full interview transcript, click here