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  1. It will sure be fun if PD will have new games... I will stay tune and wait for that day
  2. I have no experience in hitting the jackpot just yet but when I do, I will comebacccccck here and tell you my story
  3. I have never use dice bots and based on your story, I never will.
  4. When I was a little, there is this what you call "peryahan" where kids are allowed to gamble for fun. I remember winning cents would make me feel so proud of myself and happy for a moment.
  5. I am using various strategy to test the dice. I have not yet come up with a good one the suit my style
  6. I am just starting in the dice. I notice that wagering is important. I think its nice to have forum discussion about it
  7. I like playing autobet so far because I am just wagering and studying the dice