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  1. I had my 2fa enabled, so, I do feel safe and more comfortable leaving my balance and not withdrawing it even if it already reached the minimum wd threshold.
  2. Very good ate Muffin! Keep it up! Honestly, that PO scares me and excites me at the same time. Am not certain as to when will I be playing with that PO.
  3. I also play on other sites but not as often as I do in PD. My friends are there and I'm already comfortable with the moves of the dice, that's why I spend most of my time PD. 😊
  4. Wow! This just motivated me to stay longer in crypto. Gamble more. 😁
  5. As for me, it doesn't matter yet since I only have less than 20 on my list as of the moment. But if the time comes that I already reached the maximum number of friends on my list and I have to add someone? Well, well, well, it's the time for me to choose as to who will be removed and who should stay. 😁
  6. I don't have any idea as to how much exactly is PD's bankroll but am sure that it's too big for it to last for years. I'm confident that PD won't discontinue that easily.
  7. I really don't set limits when it comes to the time I go active on PD. I go online whenever I have the chance to. I play the dice when I feel like playing. Oftentimes, I stay active up until midnight if my closest friends are still there. 😊
  8. Well, I play with the purpose of making profits. And with the VIP status? I also would want to be one of those users who have a star beside their name. 😁
  9. Thank you. This is noted. 😊 Since I like reading the most, I tend to re-read those msgs with good content. 😊
  10. Yes, I do. Tried playing it using the same settings I used in doge and yey, it gave me profit. It may not be that big but still, I made a profit out of it. Thank you. 😊
  11. Hi there, Jelan I plan to recover some of my losses. Win some. So I can share some. 😁
  12. Well, it's still a very nice experience even with those red stats. I got to meet few people and became friends with them.