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  1. There a times than you focus on winning and there is a time than you just focus on his the VIP cause you being VIP is a great deal on Primedice you can get alot of stuff just a they introduce it. That's why I good to sometimes focus on becoming a VIP.
  2. I keep doing this on stake sport betting where First: I do always watch the live bet and I try to bet on a soon ended game. Second: I will multi on the game where they have almost 100% on winning. Third: Maybe the odds is small nor big at least your balance will not just on stead even small upward or profit is a good statement on betting. Fouth: Just keep on repeating until you can reach the cashout you want and maybe try to be first in a race. Tip: I don't recommend betting on soccer games it's fun to watch for me cause I'm a football lover but everything can't mess up because of the draw and soccer is not yet secured until the game ends so better do it another sport games. Example: You bet on a 4th quarter basketball game with 1.10x odds or more and the game other team is leading 10-15 from the other and you bet 1 BTC you can surely and easily win .1 BTC from it. Just Imagine it. Enjoy your betting! Belated Merry Christmas and Advance New Year to all I hope will do great in both Stake and Primedice.
  3. The diferrent of phone is the automated betting is alot faster in Laptop/PC than the Phone.
  4. DCYuma

    Hello Pinoys

    Ganda Araw sa inyo. Ako nga po pala si DCYuma galing sa Stake wala lang gusto ko lang subukan tong Primedice baka naman kasi palarin.
  5. My biggest lost is 200$ where I just can't stop playing even though I'm not hitting I just keep on prayer that it will hit a give me a comeback.
  6. Yeah, its behind but Stake and Primedice are friends if they will compete each other then the user will be multiply on which they want best but I think it's a smart move for both of them just to support each other.