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    iris05 got a reaction from nolep in Buy a house from gambling profits   
    I hope you can reach your goal of having a house from your profit. I would be happy for you. You can save your profit little by little and consider investing it to gain interest and get an additional passive income from it. It would help you make additional daily income apart from gambling. In few years your dream will become a reality. Looking forward for you to update us once your goal is reached.
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    iris05 reacted to nolep in The price of bitcoin in Iran reaches 24000$   
    Absolutely right, trading is only carried out by people in the country so that the price can be played with by selling bitcoin as high as possible on the grounds that bitcoin is very safe, you should know if this is an old post so that this happens when Iraq will fight with America called the third world war .
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    iris05 reacted to Kate in A help for the newbies of crypto to not get scammed.   
    So scam a very very well known word in the crypto community because at least one of us dicers here as fallen for it one way or another and no one is ever same from it. So this is a help for newbies or people who have not been scammed yet and maybe you could try avoiding these scams.
    So i found an article which informs you of all the type of crypto or bitcoin scams out there and how to avoid it and all.

    The article : https://medium.com/æternity-ventures/the-8-most-common-types-of-crypto-scams-55b8db2997e3

    Give it a look if you are new to the crypto industry and please do give it a look since it would help you a lot.
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    iris05 got a reaction from Absentt in A look into Pi cryptocurrency - PART I   
    I've been mining this coin since last year and it seems an interesting project to look forward too. Its getting more popular as it has reached its target of 1 million miners and counting. Seems the community is getting more active. Looking forward to reach its target for its roadmap specially be listed in an exchange and be traded soon. 
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    iris05 reacted to Absentt in A look into Pi cryptocurrency - PART I   
    Hello dear dicers!
    Bear with me and please leave your opinion about this coin so we all can weigh the feedbacks, and possibly earn some free amount!
    Recently I came upon this "alt-coin" when it was introduced to me by a friend, we tend to discuss them, measure their potential, orrr make fun of them! I gotta tell you, some coins out there ARE hilarious! PI was one of those, that we discussed and laughed about, mocked its circulation, supply system and its so-called "mining" process. (All of which I will get to in a minute ) 
    But as I looked more and more into it, the more interested I got! I also looked up Pd forum about it and found some old topics, but let us not necro post on them and lose the needed attention in process.
    ANYWAYS... Pi! Lets talk about its ranking on our "Is your beloved crypto, an actual crypto?" list  
    Unfortunately, the answer to that question isn't always a simple yes or no, sometimes the grey area can get a bit confusing and judgement-compromising! Take Ripple/XRP for example, Many consider it a crypto, yet it does not have a blockchain similar to btc or eth, and cannot be mined! And that's where we start examining Pi.
    Pi can be "mined" as its creators have called it, but not for processing transactions, claiming fees or even spending any amount of processing power whatsoever! It is NOT to be confused with the mining we all know, here it means you are allowed to earn a free amount of the crypto, just for being a member of its community, so no actual mining happening here as it is a passive income, It's just the developers trying to manage an initial distribution and helping with further circulation ease. Simply put, It's a giveaway!
    While Pi is still in its early stages and seems to be doing good, I myself am closely watching its course to decide whether I should hodl my Pi or sell as soon as I can! So far so good though!
    But on the other hand, there are some cons to it too, for one thing, It is currently only available on smartphone platforms, meaning it's an app that u have to install to be able to start earning, and while understandable, it requires a basic level of kyc, no addresses or gov issued ID card photos needed and that's good for now, only a phone number confirmation or Facebook account verification to prevent abuse.
    It's website should you wish to examine this altcoin more is https://minepi.com
    But interestingly enough, when I joined, after registering on the app, entering an invitation code (refer code) was mandatory! This really was weird in my opinion, yet I believe it is so Pi creators can track how it is spreading so they can decide on its future, smart!
    -Simple! you install the app via entering the official website above, download the corresponding app and register, Then you start automatically amassing Pi coins,, the only action needed is checking up on the app once every 24 hours, but the Pi is credited in real time.
    Also, if you do learned about Pi via this topic and do decide to try it, And since entering a refer code is a must for this altcoin, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd be kind enough to enter with my invitation code when you register, It is the same as my username:
    Enter through the link https://minepi.com/Absentt
    and use the code Absentt
    Please reply under this topic with what you think, It helps everyone improve!
    Thank you!
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    iris05 got a reaction from MrNice23 in My Challenge in Primedice!   
    Congrats you did a good job mate. More success on your rolls in the future. It was a good challenge for yourself and you really did well to have good gains. I hope you can share us some strats how you've reach it.
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    iris05 got a reaction from MissMaxxPain in Which thing hold you at PD?   
    I've started in primedice few months ago. What I like here is the friendly community, the fairness of the game, simple and easy to use interface mobile friendly and most especially fast transaction for deposit and withdrawal. The integrity also of the site is a good plus for the players to be here in primedice.
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    iris05 got a reaction from Jelanstream in Play just for fun   
    I really like roll hunt challenges. I'm not really always playing dice. I only play when I like too. Its exciting to join in roll hunt. I hope their will be more roll hunt challenges in the future to add up excitement in the forum. Everytime their is hunt game like this in other site I always join. Good thing @Jelanstream you have game like this here. Its really fun.
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    iris05 reacted to Jelanstream in Someone borrow you but didn't pay back   
    Yes it's very hard to earned and win coins and someone didn't pay you back that's why I'm very careful now who's person that can I trust 
    But it's okay for me because those coins are my wins.Also they can't do it again from me.
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    iris05 reacted to paijo in Is there any successful strategy works mostly for you?   
    i hv some experiences with martiangle and random bets. martiangle wasn't a good strategy to gain satoshies for long run, you must be knew it, right ? even random bets not a good way to gain satoshies in gamble way. random bets make us to be greedy... we will losing more satoshies if we couldn't handle it. the best way i think is to take the average of our bets. example we roll 1000 times( i was bet 2sat multiplied when lose, stop loss 128sat), we can analyze how many percentage we got greens or reds. in my experiences, it was always about 70-80% of lost (not reds). from this result, i tried bet 50 satoshies and multiplied it when lost but i limit to 1500 satoshies lost, we would losing about 2300 satoshies then stopped (see how many rolls we've got). after that, i bet 2 satoshies for 100x rolls and see again how many rolls we've got. 
    1. if greens more than 60%, bet 500sat (multiplied it when lose), stop bet at 3000sat or 3500sat in profits. don't forget to limit your loses.
    2. if reds more than 60% bet 30k sat, odd 1.1x, 1 time roll. (90% will get green)
    the value to cover this bet strategy is about 0.001 btc
    so, that was what i've got from betting in PD... its all depending what you hv decided, just don't be greedy. use percetage of winning or losses, sometimes we have to accept the defeat (in small amount) take a break 3-4 hours after lost. it would be good after.
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    iris05 reacted to King9 in Great Words of Wisdom for New PD Members   
    Howdy everyone!

    Just creating this thread for users to post there words of wisdom for new PD users and for other members alike. 

    King9's Words of Wisdom
    Gambling on PD has to be one of my favorite activities to pass free time. It can be both a very euphoric experience and a very depressive experience in a matter of seconds. We all keep coming back to PD for that state of euphoria, our body's crave dopamine. I believe it is very important to see PD as a website that is to be utilized as a source of fun, never put coins in that you are not willing to loose as majority of us will. PD is not a get rich quick scheme, while there have been many users in the past that have walked away with thousands in profit. There has been far more users walking away with thousands in losses. With that being said, I do believe it is possible to still walk away with some profit and your head held high. Below I have compiled a list of some useful tips of min.

    1. Only deposit what you are willing to loose
    2. Set a loss limit 
          - This is very important, greed is a very powerful emotion that can drive many of us to get carried away. We often chase our loses, gambling more and more in order to recover our loss. Save yourself the gloom and set a stop limit, once you hit it, take a break to regather your thoughts.
    3. Withdraw/bank realized profits
    4.Have some fun

    PD is filled with tons of amazing users that are simply here to make friends and have some fun. Many of PD users are not really here to gamble but are simply here for the atmosphere. I have met tons of kind people in the chat over the years and have made many friends. 

    With all of this being said, I wish everyone the best of luck gambling. 

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    iris05 reacted to Sokah in Can one make a bitcoin out of the forum rewards?   
    If they keep giving double reward promotion it is not impossible to make one bitcoin out of the forum, as long as you give good content to the community. Just keep in mind that the reward depends on the quality and length of the post, not just some copy paste from others sites or others topics, that would result you on a decrease instead of a reward, and possibly a ban.
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    iris05 reacted to MrNice23 in Why you should HOLD only bitcoin.   
    My Opinion is to never put all your eggs in the same basket, We all know that BTC is the King of crytpo currencies. However , i think it's always better to diversify your portofolio , many other coins has a big potential of rising like ETH, BCH and LTC.