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  1. I like drinking herbal tea because of its health benefits. A good way to continously detox your body daily if you drink it in a daily basis. It is can be easily prepared and the good thing in it is you can have your herbal plant in your backyard you can easily make a tea of your choice.
  2. Im an active discord user earning crypto coins mostly POS from airdrops, rains, and bounties then I stake those coins to build my passive income little by little. I meet new friends there and one them introduce me to gambling sites. I haven't had any idea in gambling but he was patient enough to teach me. He introduced me to gambling sites he know and then one day he invited me to primedice. What I like in primedice is provable fairness in the game and their active community. I enjoyed playing dice evensince I became familiar how it works eventhough I encounter some losses.
  3. For me my favorite multiplier to use is 20x with a small on loss and set a minimum stop on profit. I really enjoy playing in that PO starting with small bet and with a small increase of on loss you have a lower risk of getting busted easily and have a good chance to hunt 1 green bet.
  4. I really like drinking smoothie so I always make different combinations of fruits and vegetables and enjoy the different taste of it every morning. It is my daily source of vitamins and minerals everday. My favorite fruits and vegetables for my smoothies includes definitely banana is in the top list as it makes your smoothie really taste good, pear, watermelon, avocado, apple, papaya, coconut, strawberry, grapes, chico, sugar apple, starfruit, cucumber, carrots, beet, spinach, moringa, swamp cabbage and lettuce.
  5. In my point of view a good way to stay healthy is you develop a habit of healthy lifestyle. I believe in the saying "It takes 21days to form a habit". By conditioning your body and mind to eat and drink foods that will boost your immune system is a good step forward. For me I start my day with morning sunlight free source of vitamin D needed by our body. Then walking a simple effective exercise for our body it also clears our mind before our day start. A glass of water then smoothies of superfoods is one that I really look forward to drink in the morning it serves as my daily dose of vitamins for my body. Three times a day meal to fuel my daily routine at work. At least 8hours sleep a day to rest and rejuvenate our body. When your mind and body is conditioned to a good routine of eating healthy foods and habit you will never have problems with your diet and sweet tooth since you will slowly eliminate it in your system. Lastly I always remember the saying that "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" to discipline myself from eating unhealthy one.
  6. In my own point of view their are good sources of calcium better than milk. Organic superfoods are better to consume as they have higher sources of calcium vitamins and minerals. Here in our place the abundance supply of "Malunggay or Moringa" is a good alternative source of calcium, minerals and vitamins. Its cheap, easily grown organically and readily available. It can made consume in different forms can be cook, tea and powderized for smoothie etc. No wonder its always recommended by doctors for lactating mothers not only to boost their milk supply but also boost their immune system. You can always look for other superfoods available in your place. A glass of smoothie a day can always compensate to boost your immune system as well as it can easily be digest and absorb by your body. Regarding protein rich food from livestock. Native chickens, beef from cow, goat and rabbit are in my opinion are good sources of it.
  7. I usually dont set time limits being online in PD I just usually keep phone open and check it when I have free time. Play dice when I feel I want to play and stop when I gain my target profit and stop when I feel luck is not on my side. The most important thing that I like in PD when Im online is I meet new friends in chatting and enjoying some good conversations and sometimes learn new strat from there own experience. That makes me sometimes spend more time in PD during the day.
  8. That was a good story you've shared about your experience and gives us a good learning lesson that luck is not always on our side always. Its better to withdraw part of it when you have got enough profit. Goodluck on your games ahead.
  9. Snake and scorpion always scares me.