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  1. A long hold for bitcoin and wait for it to reach a very high price for me isn't that great since its price is volatile. I learned to divide my hold into two for long term and short term. Once satisfied with the price I sell my short term and buy back again when its price lowers again so that I will not miss some profitable times when bitcoin goes up and down.
  2. Although I didn't lost that big but I experienced that too thinking that night how can I recover it. I'm tempted to play more to recover my losses but I'm trying to control myself I'm finding things that interest me instead so that I can forget it.
  3. I prefer here in primedice once a day is more convenient. Stake reload every 10 minutes needs more time to spend claiming daily. I can't spend that much daily as I am busy with some task.
  4. Our President in the Philippines is Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. For me he is a good one he made good changes to our country current situations. A very supportive to us Filipinos. I can feel he really care about his country and his people.
  5. I hope you can reach your goal of having a house from your profit. I would be happy for you. You can save your profit little by little and consider investing it to gain interest and get an additional passive income from it. It would help you make additional daily income apart from gambling. In few years your dream will become a reality. Looking forward for you to update us once your goal is reached.
  6. Amazing giveaway. You are a very generous player here in primedice who host a giveaway. A good opportunity to add up to the bank roll of players who will win in the giveaway. We just need to follow the rules to be eligible. Another exciting way to look forward here in the primedice forum aside from good topics of discussion. Ltc is one of the nice coins as a reward. Goodluck and more giveaways to come. Username:iris05
  7. That was a good price during that day or month in their country. Maybe only local traders can do the trade on that local exchange. It seems that one also of the major factors that affect the price is the ban for mining of cryptocurrency from their country due to demand in electricity apart from the USA and Iran conflict.
  8. I also like how fast xrp confirmation when doing transaction. Since I've started playing xrp in primedice I'm beginning to like this coin over playing with doge. No wonder its getting popular now on gambling sites because of its fast transaction. Apart from gambling what I really like it is its price movement also in the market is good.
  9. Hoping for that also that they consider it again as it could make the room more lively with the players interaction and can also help bring new players to primedice.
  10. Same here its more exciting playing here. Trading needs at least a good capital to gain more unless you really got good trades always. Unlike here you can start at small amount and if you got lucky you had enjoyed your game and gained from it.
  11. Good for you mate you've already learn to manage your emotion in terms of gambling. That is good since it's hard to control our emotion in gambling especially when we incur losses. Emotion is one of the big factor on the possible outcome of our game.
  12. I enjoy joining forum challenge. I only choose the challenge that I think I can complete. If the challenge is so hard I don't join as it might sacrifice my balance more than the reward when I don't manage a good strategy.
  13. I myself tempted to withdraw from my vault and ended up lossing it. What I do is just withdraw it instead and put in exchangers wait for the price to come up and if happy with the profit sell it. In this way I can always start anew with my game not chasing my losses.
  14. Done. Like and Subscribe. Nice rollhunt and video. Goodluck. Bet: 49,019,328,114 placed by iris05 on 04/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 550.00x Profit 0.00054900
  15. That's a good goal. Same here I'll also do that. Small saving from time to time will go a long way in the future. That's a good way of building a passive income. It will create a good impact on your personal savings after a year. Hopefully you will your goal. Goodluck on that I know you can do it.
  16. I think it depends on the difficulty of the challenge. Its my first time to join the forum challenge here in primedice and it took me 2 days to complete on the first day I got only 1 out 5 needed for 2 hours rolling. On the second day I got 4 out of 5 in 2 hours and completed the challenge.
  17. I'm happy when I got profit for a day big or small. I feel down when I incur losses but its just fine for me when luck is not in my side. Their will be another time to test my luck again in dice. I haven't encountered big losses since I'm not really playing big amounts. Overall im enjoying the game win or loss.