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    Iyahmo got a reaction from VrOdaN in (Feature Article) How a man won millions on Primedice   
    Such an inspirational story. I think grahamesko sounds familiar to me. Anyway, we always need luck and self control. The lesson here is that it is not always the losing part of the game but we always have hopes to win like grahamesko did.
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from Chikou1306 in February! In gambling, will it be better or worse than January?   
    Hoping that this month of February will be my boomed days for all of us. I have so many losses last month of January and I am slowly recovering it this month. Anyway, we can't really say about that since we are talking about "gambling here" where we tend to lose and win.
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Are we hypnotized by casinos?   
    Yeah i feel they hypnotized us or maybe it's called an addiction. An urge of to win more because we experienced easy money. So our psychological mind wanted to gamble, to get back the losses or to recover it so we go back to gambling. 
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    Iyahmo reacted to bigbrankx in How often do you dice with no objectives?   
    everytime i set a small goal, like from 1 ltc to 2
    I fucking bust
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from Ghostnipple in 2k Sats to 1.5btc // 5hr Grind   
    That was really really amazing!! I can't believe it in my own eyes. My biggest profit from 800 sats to 80k sats only. And from 100k sats to .012 btc. That was really pure luck. If luck comes on your way, it is your day. Oh man, when will I experience that kind of wins, too? 
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from policewale in Which thing hold you at PD?   
    It's how the fairness offered by Primedice and the security a particular gambler is looking for a gambling site. I also love how this site simple but makes everyone happy by playing.
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from MrNice23 in My Challenge in Primedice!   
    Whoops, I did that twice at the other site though. The first one was just from 2k sats from eddie and the second one from the bonus. But that was two weeks ago and seems I can not do it again. Well, hopefully I can do it again. Challenge accepted!
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from Muffin20 in UNLUCKY Gambler for two weeks   
    Have you ever experienced this, guys?
    After withdrawing enough profits, I have been unlucky everyday. It is my two weeks of being unlucky. All my deposits were busted. With this there are so many emotions that enters my system.
    -I lose my confidence in playing.
    What do you usually do guys?
    Do I have to take a rest and focus on other things aside from this?
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from Chikou1306 in The meaning of "play smarter"?   
    Being smart means having a control to your greediness. When we win, we've wanted to win more and ended up being a loser. It's not a smart play though. That's actually the scenario I am facing.
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from katsuragi in Someone borrow you but didn't pay back   
    I am always vigilant to all of the people whom I talking to especially to those who are in my friend lists. I do leny only to my personal friend mostly with my coworker only who are with the same boat. She borrowed some sats from me but paying on time. Just choose whom to give  a lend, though.
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    Iyahmo reacted to Edward in Who's the real Eddie?   
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    Iyahmo got a reaction from AlexKen in Unequal Chat Handling   
    Hope this will resolve and fix soon. However, you can join english chatroom for a moment to receive rains while there is not enough active users in your own room. :)