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  1. 53.54 Bet: 67,302,563,720 placed by Iyahmo on 14/09/2020 Wagered 3.68000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.68000000 54.39 Bet: 67,302,564,277 placed by Iyahmo on 14/09/2020 Wagered 3.68000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.68000000 85.67 Bet: 67,302,564,745 placed by Iyahmo on 14/09/2020 Wagered 3.68000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.68000000 91.79 Bet: 67,302,565,251 placed by Iyahmo on 14/09/2020 Wagered 3.68000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.68000000
  2. Roll Over 91.31 Bet: 59,379,306,679 placed by Iyahmo on 27/05/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 17.50000000 84.23 Bet: 59,379,736,773 placed by Iyahmo on 27/05/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 17.50000000 Roll Under 13.44 Bet: 59,379,919,828 placed by Iyahmo on 27/05/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 17.50000000
  3. We have the same feeling. Actually, when I lose, i tend to forget the word "calm" and wanted to get back my money. The eagerness to recover the losses is strong not knowing that the more we recover the more we tend to loss because our attitude of self control seems to be out in ourself that time. Sometimes, when we need to take a break. That makes sense, I mean reflecting all the mistakes so we can start all over again and we can prevent to be greedy and out of control when we get back to gambling.
  4. I always hunt 49.5x and so far i was doing great profits from it. But i just use it twice or thrice as it can go deep and eat the whole fund. After that 49.5x will try 33x and 24x just i dont use it too long. Sometimes i was lucky hitting 1100x and 99x but definitely will go back to lower payouts after hitting it since it will take you more bets before hitting it again.
  5. I do hope they will reconsider this feature. I also wanted to know my progress whether daily or weekly. But whenever i wanted to check how much wager did i make from the past days or weekw, good thing support is always responsive and send me the details. We can always ask support for that matter and they will provide some info about it.
  6. When your goal is to have a fun while gambling, past time while gaining profit. Then you are a good gambler. While you are gambling aiming for more and more profits with no fun. Like depositing your own salary everytime but keep on losing. Then it is not healthy anymore and that falls for a noob gambler. πŸ˜†
  7. I really think its a luck. Or youve been using a good seed. I can't even play dice straight in one day. My strategy won't be effective and does not work if i use it in the long run. However, maybe you have a hugr bank roll, because there are times that it may go deep especially in that autobet and for four days. That was actually amazing.
  8. I voted cash out all my money and enjoy all the priviledge of it. I can do whatever I want but I will make sure that I can treat my family first before anything else, maybe were going out of the country. I do hope I can win in a raffle even for once. It was a great experience if ever i am one of the lucky choosen one.
  9. Reality is that we are still tempted to withdraw some in our vault if we don't have balance to play with. And i do agree with this feature if ever time will come that support will provide "freeze" vault. This is to prevent our self from withdrawing all the funds from there. But you see, this is all about self control. Even we have something in vault if we still have control and go back to our goal. We can refrain from doing so.
  10. I somehow agree to this there is instant bust sometimes when claiming monthly coupon. That is why 5 days reload makes it different. I just wonder how this March bonus is. One thing for sure, monthly coupon or reload. Both are awesome. Primedice is really generous to it's members.
  11. This is really a good and wise idea a gambler should do after winning. I also spend my winning eating and doing some fun things out of the city to have a family bonding with my family, "before". It is a happy feeling that we can still be a good person spending time with them after some wins through gambling. And honestly, i do forgot to do that since everytime i win, i am so greedy that I want to win more. Tnx for this posts, i have been able to reflect. I will see to it that I can repeat to treat my family to eat dinner outside after winning here.
  12. Hello, dear. First of all, you are not alone for experiencing bad emotions in gambling. Just so you know, huge or small lose does have affects in our mental healthness. Lately, I have reflected my actions in gambling. And i must have admit, that it is not healthy anymore on my side. Being irritated is one of the behaviour a gambler can't avoid when losing. Also, it is not bad to stay away from gambling after losing. Giving space to yoursel, leaving gambling for a while is a good way to reconstruct yourself as a well being and rebuild your confidence. That is I always do, resting for a while. Doing some reflections and then go back here after rebuilding self. It does not mean we are weak, we just had some rest and become strong after the storm we had experienced.
  13. Yeah, I have noticed it too. And the percentage increased after you lose is just 1% so it won't be effective. I have tried betting 20 sats with 3 % increase on loss and it is working. Since we can see the progress of increasing the amount per bet if we also increase the increase on loss. I am also not sure but maybe it depends also on the payout. When i have tried betting 19-20sats as base bet with 99x payout with 1.5% increase on loss, it probably working fine.
  14. That was a huge win, buddy! Seeing this kind of win in gambling makes everyone here inspired to gamble. That can be a cost of 1 whole bitcoin. And I am so happy for you, you have treated your family and spend time with them becaude of that win. I never experienced that big win of yours but I do hope, in the future I can also win that big. So far, my biggest win is $100 and so happy about that.
  15. Just a glimpse of information. Reloads were available if you become platinum VIP. Before, Gold vip enabled them to claim reloads every hour or every day depends on what do you like it to claim. And take note that the "5 day reloads" for all is the monthly coupon guven by eddie as a benefits for all. I do hope it cleared your confusion about reloads. And i don't think eddie will always give 5 days reloads as a permanent monthly coupon.
  16. Yeah, same here bro. Although it's nice seeing wheel dice like stake but I always be a fond of using and playing dice. I dont know but maybe i am not that familiar playing in wheels. And i am more comfortable and enjoy playing in dice rather than playing in wheel or other games. Somehow, that makes me feel go back always at primedice because I really like the dice here.
  17. Random payouts. I gained profits by using different strategies. I never stayed on one strategy only. Sometimes, it worked fine for me for that random strat but there is always a "deep" or rage happens especially when you play dice longer.Also, i do a combination of manual bets and auto.
  18. I remembered my experienced about doing some all ins in my other balance too when I was pissed busting my coin. Sometimes i get a green but most of the times my all in strategy fails. That's a good hit big sis kanamay, there are times we are being lucky with other coins after busting. Congrats on that previous win of yours.
  19. Unfortunately, the start of the month ain't good to me, too. I have been in a huge lose with negative profits. I think ive been losing everyday that is why I do not stick with same strategy. I do hope i can also have a mindset of a target profit percentage everyday but i can't help but become greedy. Anyway,I do hope most of us here will gonna acquire more profits and wins this March.
  20. If i have 1 to 10 btc or even 100 btc, i will never risk my btc to payout 1.01x even if it is for wagering increase purpose. I remembered wagering on that payout with xrp and experienced 2 consecutive reds with all in. However, i value my btc and those high rollers knew what they are doing. Some actually waiting for the red streaks to happen before betting all in their funds. Risky bets but will increase their wager activity plus profit.
  21. I get this. Because i have experienced 11 to 12 red streaks with one side only. Plus martingale so probably ate all my balance. Sometimes martingale sucks because the probability of reds ia high when you are able to bet high with your funds. However making 200 sats to 25k sats is a good play.
  22. So probably you are betting in 50% win chance? Payout 2? Anyway, I do use new startegy like higher payouts of 49.5x, 33x and 24x. Although I am still studying those strategies as it is always raging after two hits. We need a huge bank roll in higher payouts of strategy too.