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  1. So probably you are betting in 50% win chance? Payout 2? Anyway, I do use new startegy like higher payouts of 49.5x, 33x and 24x. Although I am still studying those strategies as it is always raging after two hits. We need a huge bank roll in higher payouts of strategy too.
  2. I have tried my best to try this weekly challenge but unfortunately, i wasn't be able to finish it. I'll admit that there are weekly challenges like this week that is really hard to achieved. I admire those players who manage to do and finish primedice's weekly forum challenge.
  3. We have different strategies that we rely on. But let me remind you that "just because one stategy works for him doesn't mean it will gonna work to you, too". Anyhow, the more we aim big wins, the more we lose (well, as for me) so basically, I do some random strategy preferably auto and manual altogether.
  4. Hoping that this month of February will be my boomed days for all of us. I have so many losses last month of January and I am slowly recovering it this month. Anyway, we can't really say about that since we are talking about "gambling here" where we tend to lose and win.
  5. Yeah i feel they hypnotized us or maybe it's called an addiction. An urge of to win more because we experienced easy money. So our psychological mind wanted to gamble, to get back the losses or to recover it so we go back to gambling.
  6. I always set goals every time I play dice but unfortunately when I am setting goals, I become greedy and wanted to extend up or increased my goal. But I remembered one time playing without goal and luckily I made profits out of it. Sometimes even if we set our goal, we certain rely on our luck.
  7. Same here but since to be honest, everyday wins is impossible. My goal is to make a profits even if not everyday but I am saving up some every wins. 3$-$5 is also enough for me, thats possible to reach just I do hope that my greediness will not mess around. Let's go with that goal, jelan!
  8. I usually the person number 2. I always bet whenever the game starts specially in NBA live sports. I usually bet in the second quarter or third quarter of the game. Sometimes in 1st quarter but that makes the game still change. Anyway, I only bets with the team which I only knew and confident to bet in.
  9. Usually, the lesser odds the more chance of winning. But sometimes, it doesn't based on the odds. The game changed suddenly and so the odds. Also, I just bet larger amounts to those teams that I really know and I confidently knew that they will gonna win. Anyway, i agreed that luck is also associated with sports betting. Especially when you bet on multiple bets and all the teams you have bet on won the game. That's really luck.
  10. Sometimes when I have a chance, I watch NBA live in tv or in my cellphone but most of the time I did not. Which is still fine since I can see update scores and time in there. Though it is much exciting to watch live while you bet on the choosen team, right.
  11. It was also my first time to play in sports bet and in stake too. At first all was vague for me, from the odds, quarters, the no time out, the negqtive positive digits. Until I ask someone what all the meaning of those and eventually and fortunately I learned how to bet sports now. Before, I am just copying bets. Now i can bet with my own.
  12. I have tried to bet all sports in stake but I always go back betting on NBA. I am enjoying to watch it and so exciting if my chosen team is actually winning. I don't know but other sports doesn't excite me aside from NBA.
  13. I was so shocked about the sudden death of Kobe. He is my idol ever since. Anyway, it does not affect the sports betting field. We loss a legend but the sports betting still continues. Life must go on and sports will still working even without Kobe.
  14. Wow, congrats on that win bro. My biggest multibet as I remembered was 11x but I just bet small amount. I mostly placr single bets too. I never won huge multipliers from multiple bets because I usually pick wrong teams though. Sometimes, i do follow some of the multiple bets of the other players but still no luck.
  15. That was really really amazing!! I can't believe it in my own eyes. My biggest profit from 800 sats to 80k sats only. And from 100k sats to .012 btc. That was really pure luck. If luck comes on your way, it is your day. Oh man, when will I experience that kind of wins, too?