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  1. Group 3 20.00 Bet: 55,219,364,039 placed by Muffin20 on 14/04/2020 Wagered 0.00017000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000173
  2. so far, i am just playing doge. it's easy for me to play doge rather than playing other coins. and right now, i get some profit everyday, tho it's small but still a profit 😊 hope you have a good month. goodluck!
  3. i think they are talking about the dicebot , not from the site itself ate ham, i haven't tried this yet tho. but i think most players used this.
  4. i was playing with my xrp with 33x , and i think i got 200+ profit. i only have 13 xrp at that time then got bust so deposited 390 xrp, and won. i also won 0.2 ltc and still its a big win for me 😊
  5. maybe cashout all the money, or i will cashout half of it then gamble more in here 😊 just to earn a little more but making sure i won't go bust 😂
  6. well i don't want to hunt anymore cause it will really get you bust. not thinking of 9900x 😂😂😂 my goal right now is just to make profit everyday .
  7. it's actually good for some people to claim it daily but the only disadvantage of it is, if you forget to claim. 😅 i set up an alarm just to claim it daily. 😂
  8. wow sis may, you made your btc to 300k sats 😊😱 tbh, i don't bet high too due to lack of confidence, but there was a time where i did pre roll with my 10 doge with 50 payout then i got insufficient balance , then i tried to use my ltc , then got insuff again, so i tried to deposit with 0.22 ltc and made it to 0.4 ltc.
  9. i actually want to buy a new laptop cause the laptop i'm using right now is just 2gb ram, but when i got busted , i converted everything and after that day i bought an auto washing machine then a new phone. now, i am saving up for my husband's motorcycle.
  10. if you spend money out of your pocket, you are gambling . well, tbh, if you play in a casino site, you already called a gambler.. and yes they are right, player is when you just play for fun without thinking of anything that you will lose.
  11. sometimes i don't think of any objectives . i just play for fun. i keep on busting ltc, bch, and eth. 😂 but also sometimes, i wanna hit 9900x with high bet amount with btc and xrp. so everyday i don't have quota for the profit. i just wanna hit 9900x without busting hahaha