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  1. aww 😪😪😪 take a rest for a while. its part of gambling. you will really bust and eventually you will learn from it too. or maybe you need to change the strat that you are using. maybe you can recover soon.
  2. Bet: 47,848,774,410 placed by Muffin20 on 24/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000146 Multiplier 396.00x Profit 0.00057670 Muffin20
  3. not everyone are really active in forum. i hope they will go here too and post any stories, techniques they used too. sharing stories are great.
  4. that's long. the shortest one that i got like after the first showed, after 3 mins and few rolls not more that a 100, another one came out. it really depends on when i roll. i actually observe the time. coz its definitely the same time. lol not all the time tho.
  5. i think its the rank that he is pertaining to,mine is enthusiast. i guess you have to post everyday or comment atleast everyday so you will level up.
  6. same goes to me. i hunt first with low payouts. then if i see something. i change my payout to 9900.
  7. hmm 🤔🤔🤔 i also tried to verify my phone number. but i guess that's not a new feature coz i remember before , someone ask us if we have received an sms regarding the bonus using the phone on stake. so i checked it and there was a communication for phone number. i did the same with pd. i just dont remember if i verify it.
  8. hahaha that is so true. but right now , feels like i don't wanna hunt anymore. nah, i get bored too dear, 😂 but other strat doesn't work for me that's why i keep on hunting 99x and up definitely it will. but for me i actually don't hunt it like the whole day. XD i keep on hunting it at the same time when i hit it. . but before i hunt i use other strat first. goodluck bro
  9. oh dear, you are not alone, i busted 800k sats too. and i felt like i was stupid because i made a huge mistake. i kept on thinking why did i play that? i always tell myself to save it. but yea, you have to gamble in order to win, i tried to recover it but in the end i still lost. So, after that, i didn't try to recover what i have lost. ☺️ start from scratch lol
  10. hahaha you end up getting bust bro. i don't know but i want to play safe.. so whenever i feel i'm going to hit it, i change payout but sometimes i missed it too. 😔 3x for this day though. betteer luck nextime.
  11. it took me a month too to understand sports betting. i always ask one of our friends. i know a little about basketball, and my husband knows soccer. so i depend my bet to him sometimes. ☺️ i research too about the scores of the past games. i don't know but i depend it there too. hahaha i always lose but sometimes i always win. what i don't understand is the score for tennis, dota2 and counterstrike lol
  12. i am using auto but the dice now is so fast so you have to be very careful. ☺️☺️☺️ goodluck to you . hope it works for you. i don't know if it went well to some of our friends.
  13. hahaha its crazy . and last time too, i should be hunting my bch , and i have 1m or 2m , then i was using my xrp to hunt with 0.001 bb, and change it to bch, i forgot to change it to a 100 bb lol then its gone hahaha
  14. ooh that . hahaha funny is i was looking at my profile. lol