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  1. I'm always down to learn and trade. Any tips on using or implementing win chance?
  2. .0150btc min <><><><again don't gamble what you can't afford to lose><><><>
  3. I'm currently on a run up from 77k sats to .0075btc using a variation of this method.
  4. I've managed to change it a bit and am testing it now. 71-73% odds. Base wager is $0.02. Stoploss will be 33$ with this new method(id place a forced stoploss at whatever price you're comfortable with). I doubled down in the ✋ in here simply because I've had runoff bets before. Without the added $2.00$ wager every 4 wins your stoploss should be $2.xx$ depending on your #'s. With the added 2.00 it can lose, then increase by the 245%. If you lose that 4 times you end up with it would surpass the amount im willing to lose. But I think 4 losses would get you a 75$ total wager. But im shit at math. It doesn't matter cuz I watch my bets and stop it when I feel I hear you, I've personally spent thousands with no success. But im just putting my observation out there on this particular betting scheme. I place auto on for when I don't wanna think about it and there is no risk.
  5. 150$ I cant help with that. In order to test odds over and over a relatively modest range must be considered when funding for my particular bets.
  6. Thats true. But I like setting a strat where it can increase my wager while I do other things. 1.37x 233-237% on loss. I'm back on it again gonna test my wins and losses per 50$ wager.
  7. Ripped my balance after a climb from 120 to 320. Don't be dumb like me.
  8. Trying my hand in designing of an auto strategy. Let me know what you think. On the eventual 4th loss switch to manual, either place the current bet on hand, or increase until comfortable. I do x2-x4 the wager that was stop lossed. Sorry here's my wager and % Shameless SB First stop. Double bet @ 1.xx then back again Its really about making the most of each penny. There it is. And the double tap. With a balance this low im hesitant to increase too much before I get a feel for the rolli. Next stop I'm trying to find a strategy for $ under 50 usd. Without the heavy use of luck. Either manual or auto. Any tips my friends in various countries might one day thank you. The gold lines are decision points. Just a quick note. The more % you increase the more you risk while simultaneously increasing your winnings at the eventual win. But ofcourse its all a matter of how much you have to wager and what you are willing to risk. Don't get greedy with the wins. End up having to risk more to make back. Balance here has to be considered greatly. Sometimes it doesn't switch on the 1 loss but I found that to be in my favor fairly often. casino:71944675056 casino:71944676282 casino:71944677556 Mm much confidence in this strategy i have. Can't complain
  9. It's best to take a mathematical approach If you know you will eventually win, simply hash your stakes where your foreseeing bet will add a purse greater than total bets placed. Losing is part of the game. Sadly this favors those starting with a bank roll
  10. Maybe not in main channel, but a quizbot or something passing time.