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  1. Airdrop Closed Guys Reward will be Distributed on Saturday or Sunday my rest Day I'm Very Busy this time
  2. See guys charity is back they just rest a while because stake and primedice staff is very busy this month until march because of the huge game of sports betting also the new games on casino we can't blame stake/primedice of giving charity that was always.
  3. I'm 101% sure that high roller symbol is not important because everyone can get that if you have a huge amount you can all in it on 1.01x and you have already a high roller symbol and that was fire beside your name.
  4. Thanks for sharing it mate I also need dark mode light because sometime's when I use my laptop too long like 4 to 8 hours my eyes is tears because of the very high lights.
  5. I admits that I'm here to earn some satoshi I think 70% is for some satoshi and 20% why I'm here is for information that we can't find on site also 10% for the challenges. Yes forum satoshi make people spammy but on me I've never copy people reply or topics.
  6. Yea me too mate I love the heart when you are forum hero and high roller. Yes it's easy to maximum post on stake because there's a lot of topic that where you can reply not like on primedice forum it's hard to create a new topic because only dice game.
  7. Congrats to you becoming a Gold VIP mate I think you're VIP on stake not here. Yes me too I've loss to much on january even this month I've loss to much I don't know how to stop losing everyday. I hope sometimes we can win.
  8. Sorry to hear that mate! Everything will happen on gambling even you have huge or small amount you can make huge amount from small balance and you can make huge balance to zero. That's why I've never play huge money I just play less $20 and try to make it huge.
  9. Yes gambling can make you rich or poor there's 2 situation why people get rich on gambling and why they make poor First people get rich on gambling because they are already rich they can deposit huge amount of money they don't care if they loss but base on my observation people who deposit big amount always win. Second you can't afford to deposit huge amount but you still gambling you and on your first deposit you lose on your mind you need to recover your losses but after you deposit it will be added on your losses Only people who deposit huge amount of money who always win big on gambling Like me only $10 to $30 can afford to deposit it's hard to make $20 to a million
  10. Goodluck all participants
  11. I rarely talk on chat mate because sometime's there's a lot of toxic people in chat that's why I always close chatting room and sometime's I'll just stay on our room because I have some friend.
  12. Yes mate I think I'm 100% addicted on gambling because I can't stop playing and sometime's if I'm bored I find a way that I can deposit and play and just bust it all. But I love gambling that playing online games gambling make's me nervous
  13. Thank you @Greencat @Babypusit27 @bananas and @nolep I made that 0.08 BCH but I didn't stop playing and go all in every time and after an hours I bust it all It's okay for me at least I try that I have some luck too Bet: 49,745,199,544 placed by Jelanstream on 11/02/2020 Wagered 0.07751537 Multiplier 1.35x Profit -0.07751537
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  15. Here in Primedice I prefer to play auto because I feel bored when I play dice but on stake I always play manual game on every different games because I feel safe when I play manual specially on mines.
  16. I can get my daily goal but because of my addiction I didn't stop playing until I bust it all yesterday I made 0.001 btc from forum challenges to 0.008 but I didn't stop and I bust it all.
  17. Yes mate it will be crowded again because some players just playing using faucet and they farm it try to make a minimum withdraw using faucet that's why Primedice removed it.
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  19. Hello Again Primedice Forum Community Just an hour ago I have 2000 satoshi and 0.00008 BCH and I try the challenge first I roll the 2000 satoshi on 78x but it's bust after that I try on BCH and I bet 0.00004 first roll loss and the 2nd roll are win and I continue hunting the 78x and I made 0.00008 to 0.03 BCH now.
  20. What ? that was insane mate when I go every time on gambling sites I always see that there's a chatroom for Filipino so I can make some new friends.
  21. Hello Again Primedice Forum Community This trieste 2004 really make me mad they throw the game imagine last 3 minutes on the 4th quarter and the score is 56-70 and just 1/2 minute Brescia make 12 score and they got zero and on the last minute that's the socre 76-74. That's only 1 game I lose that's why they make me mad.
  22. Hello Again Primedice Forum Community Let's forgot our losses and talk about funny moments here on gambling My funniest moment ever that I can forgot and it's make me shy every time. When I was a new on gambling it's on stake it's 1 week I think before I start I PM on eddie and I beg coins also on support I really don't know about gambling online before I thought it's free to play that's why I do it why it's make me shy every time I PM eddie to re access reload because he is my VIP host now. How about you guys what is your funny moments here on gambling?
  23. Yes cause my brother is a gambler too also my sister I recommend stake to play it but he stop when he lose $10 she said to me it's not a good hobby because she is a business woman. Even my parent know that I gamble even on offline.