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  1. Anything will happen on Gambling mate streak loss, Streak win, bust, profit, etc.. we don't know when it comes to us I rarely play 3x or below now cause I'm always hunting big payout every time I'm hunt big payout I already accept when I bust.
  2. Before when I don't have a self control on betting I do it most of the time every time I got a bad streak or I lose 20% of my bankroll I go all in it all until I recover my loss or bust it all. But now I have a self control I never do it anymore. I hope so
  3. I like that mate they are hidding huge profit to us I hope so like I hit 5mx on mines with 10 satoshi bet I really don't know why this time is really hard to win I always think that I want to stop but I can't xd. but I start my goal now I forgot all my losses and make new goal play slowly and deposit not to much.
  4. On Stake more than a month I always bust my deposit I never won I can't reach my goal even 1/2 of my bankroll profit can't reach it. It's very unlucky year to me. I hope soon we can win again and recover our losses not all but some of our losses I hope so,
  5. 330x above no minimum bet you can post your bet ID here or on youtube
  6. Wow congrats for getting the last good hit mate but how much is the total profit after you getting the last green hit. I think that huge cause do you have a increase on loss. Hope soon we can experience again that our amazing hits.
  7. Yes he smart cause he cashout the big amount from small amount if he continue the game and didn't stop until he bust that's we can't called his smart. Simple word he smart cause he withdraw and didn't continue playing until he bust.
  8. You can join every time mate but I will change my rollhunts soon same rules but I go it on youtube they reply it on youtube after I posts the Rollhunts ( Giveaways) I hope there's more Participants soon.
  9. Yes mate we're same thinking " Play Smarter " is about greediness and your losses I think we can call people smart when there profits is all green. And same of me all my profits are negative I can call my self not smart
  10. Yes, we are same ThePug I play more on stake than on Primedice. I came here to complete the weekly challenges and make some Rollhunts ( Giveaways) to my friends and the primedicers. Also I came here for just chatting friends on PH room.
  11. Hello Again Primedice Forum Community I just want to share this very good opportunity browser it's free. You can earn free bitcoin using this browser while you are Playing Primedice Watching Movie on youtube etc... Every time you use this Browser you will earn free bitcoin. Small earning but if you save it it's huge. Download here My referral Link: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/10751728 Clean Link: https://cryptobrowser.site
  12. Yes phone verification can help to us to secure our account but me I never put 2FA or email verification because my account is always empty everytim that's why I didn't put that and it's bothering me when I TIPs or Rain when you have 2FA activated.