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    Nesyeg reacted to Sansasyonel in Seuntjie bot does not work any more after update   
    I recommend using powershell.
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from Genie in [$800] PD Weekly Heroes Wk3   
    Bet: 110,601,143,133
    placed by Geert66 on 20/05/2022
    0.00000099 Multiplier
    50.00x Profit
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from Jasdin in [$800] The Greatest Minds: Mark Zuckerberg   
    Bet: 104,472,418,968
    placed by Geert66 on 20/01/2022
    0.03960000 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from WildMachines in [$800] 📖 The Greatest Minds - Dante 📖   
    Bet: 96,804,933,285
    placed by Geert66 on 06/09/2021
    0.19548000 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
    0.97740000 Bet: 96,804,933,886
    placed by Geert66 on 06/09/2021
    0.19548000 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from WildMachines in [$800] ☀ The Greatest Minds - Copernicus ☀   
    Bet: 96,566,060,077
    placed by Geert66 on 01/09/2021
    0.00034416 Multiplier
    4.00x Profit
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from Tamara in 🏆 [$800] The Greatest Minds: Charles Darwin 🐒   
    Bet: 80,214,313,334
    placed by Geert66 on 16/02/2021
    0.00000065 Multiplier
    10.00x Profit
    0.00000585 Bet: 80,214,423,056
    placed by Geert66 on 16/02/2021
    0.00000065 Multiplier
    20.00x Profit
    0.00001235 Bet: 80,248,758,390
    placed by Geert66 on 17/02/2021
    0.00000065 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from windsfun in 🥇 [$2000] View from the Top ​🎲​   
    Bet: 75,998,257,567
    placed by Geert66 on 11/01/2021
    0.00240000 Multiplier
    30.00x Profit
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    Nesyeg reacted to sourc3code in Introducing Betsesh - A Primedice JSON Bet Archive Viewer for humans   
    Hello world! One thing that has come to my attention is that the bet archive files here at Primedice are quite difficult to navigate as they are in JSON format. In a collaboration with @Edward I've come up with an easier way to view as well as search through them. Introducing Betsesh - a Primedice Bet History viewer for your JSON-formatted bet archive files.This web app allows you to upload a JSON file from your Bet Archives and view/search filter through them which can be very helpful for things such as challenges. Here are some of the features added so far for the v1.0 release:
    Ability to upload multiple archive files together and view them simultaneously Search feature to quickly find a specific roll result, bet amount, etc Multi-sortable columns allowing you to sort by more than one attribute To do so, click the first column you want to sort by, then hold SHIFT and click the second one. The first column will be the one it primarily sorts by. Lightning fast uploads and data rendering Integrated & Independent roll verifier to check rolls for validity/fairness Click on the row you want to verify and then click the verify link + New Updates - Feb 8
    Added Multiplier (x) as requested Decreased size of font to accommodate more data Updated child row with View Bet at PD link Updated Bet Time/Date to display your local time Updated Hi/Low column to display "↑ High" or "↓ Low" + New Update - Feb 14
    Updated URLs to Betsesh.com in place of the temporary responsivelabs domain used on initial release + New Update - Feb 29 (Latest)
    New splash page at betsesh.com to make it easier to navigate the different tools between Primedice and Stake Currently working on the second iteration of the bet viewer - I think you guys will like this one when its released We have various other plans for the bet archive viewer in the near future. I will update this thread with any new features/updates which have been implemented - In addition, a similar web app for Stake is also currently under development. Please keep in mind that this is an initial release, so there may be some bugs that still need to be worked out. Should you have any suggestions or input, please let myself or Eddie know. It would be greatly appreciated!
    Official Site Link

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    Nesyeg got a reaction from MrNice23 in How do you manage your bankroll?   
    they call it 'compulsive gambling'. Vault is for not-addicts lol. The only thing that works for me lately is depositing a large enough amount of coins. Then withdraw - when in profit and before bust - to your wallets outside pd. Stop playing for the rest of the day, come back later.
    You can do the same using the vault but somehow or other for me psychological it doesn't work...
    Of course this is not  a recommendation lol. Like all strategies, it won t work all the time :)
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    Nesyeg got a reaction from Bimfo in What do you do when You lose a lot?   
    Losing is part of gambling..  The real BAD thing is to try to recover your losses in a quick way. When i lose i start listening again and again to the very wise words of Phil Gordon: