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  1. Hi Guys, In Primedice we can play only single game called Dice. What u think current Dice game is fulled with all possible improvements or still their more possible thing can be added. Like -Advance autobet setting where we can change payout after loss. -Number Range selection for any payout.
  2. PrimeDice is good website but due to single game of dice the user getting bored and very few user in their community. Dice is good game but their is still too much improvement possible in Primedice's Dice game. To attract user primedice need to improve their dice game to maximum possible level. This is not only choice for dice game.
  3. Primedice do charity or not. Its there choice. While asking such thing did you think how much charity u do in last 1 year. i think we no need to make any such foolish topics guys.
  4. Most of time i just replying to other posts. Its very rare case where i make post but i never check older post while creating any new posts.
  5. My worst part of gambling is I took some money from friend and loose it (around 150$) and i return him same amount after 1 Year. after that incidence i never took any money from any person (friend brother or family member ) for gambling. and even not investing money from my pocket for gambling.
  6. ohh nice, But its impossible for person like me. I don't have any idea about such coding. U already know such coding or u learn that after starting gambling. I m just asking because if its easy to learn and then i can start such coding.
  7. There is no any such strategy. U want to win and bot want you to loose. and in human and bots always bots win. but still we can win only if we keep withdrawing before bust all balance. (thats it.)
  8. Yes it happen with me also but luckily not max bet button used, otherwise it would be worst situation i faced. i think we need to make all type of mistakes at-least once but we need to learn from it. otherwise making mistake is worthless.
  9. I using phone and computer as well. most of time i use computer but when not possible to use computer i use mobile phone.
  10. Sometime we can make strategy but that can't possible to play on autobet. i also have some strategy where i m not increase bet amount but increase target. i want advance autobet setting for dice in primedice.
  11. Yes flat betting, but increase betting amount for few bets but manually.
  12. While gambling there is target on profit not on length of gambling sessions. But i think we need to set even target on time of gambling will give us control on ourselves.
  13. Gambling is addiction and not a need. some players play gambling like need but are they get enough profit every month or they loss money. Gambling can give u extra money while doing job.
  14. Yes i share some balance with my friends and make few small rains. Its totally depend on my profit. I m not big gambler, just sharing what possible. sharing because i also getting some freebies from other users.
  15. Its totally depend on luck 981 loss streak on 100x is biggest loss streak i faced. and also got sometime very lucky with 3-4 win in just 10 bet on 100x.