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  1. anonnep

    Bitcoin.com’s New Customizable BCH Tip Generator

    wow now i can see how talent u are and u collect many information and which makes to really no 1 intelligent man u have perfect English
  2. anonnep

    Introduction of the Legend265

    as i see ur post i became ur no 1 fan now it let me know more and more about u and nice english
  3. anonnep

    0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

    thank u for sharing ur idea sir/madam i hope u will win more and win 1 btc
  4. wow u are such a lucky man best bro ..i hope u wil win more + more + more + more btc in ur future and nice English
  5. as i am a fan of Sports i would like to know few name of sites where we can bet with cryrpto currency 1 ) odds must be good 2 ) trusted 3 ) fast withdrawl 4) must accept crypto
  6. anonnep

    Good Trading Platform 

    hey guys do u know any good trading platform for trading ..wheere 1) trading can be done fast 2) exchange must be fast 3) exchange fee must be small 4) withdrawal must be fast
  7. anonnep

    2FA on tipping

    What do you guys think about new feature? Advantage Hacker cant tip to other account More security Disadvantage Each and every time we need 2FA to tip Hacker cant withdrawal and tip so can bust our balance
  8. anonnep


  9. I will be providing services of cryptocurrency balance exchange or transfer from (e.g Primedice, Stake, Bitvest, Duckdice Lucky games etc etc). Supported currencies at the moment are Bitcoin (BTC) , Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) and many other currency . There will be charging a small fee % for facilitating this process. Even so the value of this service far outweighs the fees incurred. Q ) Why do we have to choose anonnep to transfer balance ? Ans) sometime there can be too much pressure in blockchain so it can be instant without confirmation Stake https://stake.com/?code=exchanges https://www.stake.com primedice https://primedice.com/?c=exchanges https://www.primedice.com Duckdice https://duckdice.com/exchanges https://www.duckdice.io yolodice https://yolodice.com/r?2M7Xt-MJw https://www.yolodice.com Luckygames https://luckygames.io/?ref=1725263 https://www.luckygames.io Bitvest https://bitvest.io?r=104138 https://www.bitvest.io Bitsler https://www.bitsler.com/?ref=anonnep https://www.bitsler.com/ If u want my service in other site u can contact me thank you
  10. anonnep


    as we know that some people stream live in primedice so i would like to know how do they stream so can you guys recomend me some streamer and send me their stream link thank you in post thanks
  11. As we know that we many more than 500+ user and each and every user are different and can be alt also 😬 so what are the catch phrase so that we can identify that user @singpays = lol @veleten = hello peaches @maverick528 = like anonneppppppppppppppppppppp @Eugene265 = halp zozle whyce You guys can tag ur friend and their catch phrase
  12. Design an entire Bitvest thread, and preview/screen shot it below. Come up with a player/invest theme Terms: - The Best design before August 10th 2018, wins 0.1 Bitcoin, however may end earlier if a design submitted exceeds expectations. An reasonable attempt must be made, if there aren't any of good enough quality submitted, then a consolation prize will be rewarded of 0.005 BTC to 5 people with works of at least an hour or more of effort. Bitvest https://www.bitvest.io https://bitvest.io?r=104138 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4815383.0
  13. anonnep

    Happy birthday stake :)

    Its feel like yesterday when u were launched At first u were crawling like a babby now u are grown up like a man i have treasured a lots of memory with u cant express the my happiness Even fathometer cant measure my depth of happiness we shared sad time and happy time So i wish you with my heart that may your all wildest and wet - dream come true ps :- ) if u guys havent join stake u can join .....chat is crazy and more games https://stake.com https://stake.com/?code=happybirthday
  14. anonnep

    Scam Site Watchlist!

    ahh i used to play a lot in pocketdice and suddenly became scam