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  1. Swc is a good site, agreed, i also like nitrogensports. Many to avoid tho!
  2. I think the main points of attraction is firstly that skill matters, that you win more the better you get, that its against other players, the social thing, that being said when your hit a loosing streak its rather frustrating. It happens a lot since pot odds and stuff is more a gut feeling than something i calculate.
  3. I wish i would play that smart, I am to greedy and play with all i got. Ha. But with poker i do actually manage.. strange. Maybe its time to try your (very sane) approach.
  4. Its a matter of math, if there is a 1% house edge no strategy in the world can make that disappear.. Luck is what counts, that's why we gamble, right? I tend to do manual betting based on gutfeeling
  5. Hi there people, brand new guy from canada here. Have been hearing a lot of good things about primedice and since my last haunt has been exposed as a rigged scam site I figuered it was time to give a site with a good reputation a chance. Except dice etc I am a big fan of online poker, muscle cars and motorcycles. Im 45 and originally from Sweden. HellO!