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  1. I usually use btc and xrp for playing gamble in prime dice. But if there had other crypto like bat, ae, xlm I would paly more. By the way Plying gamble here I feel lucky because I won several times and I doubled my coins playing gamble here. It's so easy to play gamble here like dice or any other gamble.
  2. Today Btc dominance is 66.3% and which is decreasing continuously. What do you think about it ? Is there any chance to increase altcoin dominance? Please share your valuable comments with us what will be the market condition in the coming month. Is altcoin rally about to start or it's another whales game.
  3. No I didn't sell my altcoin. My all altcoin is under valued at this moment they are in loss upto 95% so there is nothing to sell. if I sell Them I will get nothing so it is better to hold them. I believe one day altcoin will come back strongly and give me some profit as well.
  4. I have more than 10000 xlm on my binance. I didn't know about this. Though I got some interest on my binance but why that was for I didn't know and now I understood why it was for. Thanks for sharing this because it was helpful for me.
  5. Use coinbase for this purpose. If you have a coinbase account and your country is under coinbase supported country then you will able to buy LTC or any other coinbase supported coin using your bank or any credit or debit cards. Coin base support banking system and and you will be to exchange your crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto.
  6. I will suggest at this moment to invest in Ether, Knc, Ae, Grs, and some other major coins. At this moment market is very vulnerable and anything can happened. Today btc crushed to 6900 usd from 8100 usd and all altcoin also got down following btc. So Invest from experience and think cleverly don't listen to others and do your own research before investing.
  7. I don't think so libra can surpass bitcoin. There some factors behind this. There are so many alternative coins in the crypto market while btc was alone when the market begin to start. Bitcoin has introduced blockchain system to the people and there were alternative coins. And Bitcoin is completely decentralized and very limited. On the other hand Libra is completely different from BTC.
  8. Libra is Currency which is Centralized I think. It will be used for facebooking only I think. So it never is accepted as crypto currency as i know But I would like to welcome it for using blockchain technology. Only libra blockchain will be high lite through the world and the acceptance of crypto will get increased.
  9. Your Prediction is not bad at all. But there are more good coins are as well. Xlm coins are giving away lots of free coins at keybase users. So it could be inflation in the xlm coins. So at this moment investing in xlm wouldn't be good deceision I think. Besides this Bat coin is performing well. I am holding Bat coin as much I could. Besides these there are more good coins which have great future.
  10. No and never. Libra won't be so popular because of it's controlling system. Bitcoin got popularity because of technology behind of its. It's blockchain system and totally decentralized. On other hand there is a centralized system in libra coin which will be controlled by facebook authority. And a centralized a coin never can exceed the popularity of an a decentralized coin like btc.
  11. It will take long and long time to exceed btc for any other alternative coins. Ether is the behind of btc. If we look the coinmarketcap what we are seeing actually. We are seeing that there are 70% market are graved by btc. Ether has only 7% percent. So in total market cap is 100%. Btc are graving 70%. That means investors are only interested on BTC. So it is tough To exceed btc for any other coins.
  12. I don't think so this is right time to invest into any alt.coin. Market is very volatile at this moment and the king coin I mean Bitcoin is not in stable position. Every coin are very much dependable one the race of bitcoin. So it need to stable at any how. So be patient and wait for some more days. Observe on bitcoin daily and take time. Eso is a good coin for investing but not for at this moment. We will only do invest in altcoin when btc will behave as stable coin for some times.
  13. From My Perception I would like to say both are individually good. I follow both on daily basis. Both are equally trusted anf very informative. Who are involved in crypto world should know about both. Though Both are equally good but coingecko is more informative than CoinmarketCap. But Coinmarketcap looks more smarter than Coingecko so both should be equally used by us. Both are helpful for the crypto lovers.
  14. Trading btc is easy to ether. You can use any exchanges for trading this. All most every exchange support this and most of the exchanges are based on btc or ether. So I don't think there is any problem od trading btc to ether. I can suggest you please use Yobit or Binance or any other exchanges.