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    Babypusit27 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Knowing when to take a break from gambling!   
    I want to know too when it is right time to take break. I always busted my coins but I still do deposit but no return in profit. Deposit and deposit until no coins to deposit. Gambling is so much addicted. When you win yesterday, you wish to win again today. Looking forward for this topic  
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    Babypusit27 got a reaction from Muffin20 in Gambling is so addictive.   
    Gambling is fun and entertaiment but its so addictive. Especially when you win big with luck.  You wish you always have that luck to win. But sometimes its not. Sometimes I think, dice seems to have a brain. Hahahaha Its hard to predict. I always say I will not play dice anymore but its hard to control, especially if you're used it. It has been over a year since I entered this kind of game. It is enjoying, especially when you win, but sometimes its annoying when you loss. I know its part of gambling. Not always wins.  

    So I must enjoy this kind of a game even if no profit for a day, weeks ar months. (But hoping to have one hahaha) I will not stress myself with this stuff. HAHAHAHA! So enjoy rollers! Lets win together. LOL.